Here's how to play:

  1. Register for the 5-Day Challenge.
  2. Plan out your 5 classes--live and/or recorded--for the week of the challenge.  You have through Sunday to complete!
  3. Go take or do those classes the week of November 30-December 6.
  4. Every time you watch a class recording, leave a comment. (If you're live, you'll be counted!)
  5. Everyone who participates five days that week will be entered to win a drawing for $50 towards your next yoga purchase!


The best reward is staying or getting back on track to finish this year strong in your yoga practice.

Don't let the holidays derail you this year! 



Every person that registers will receive a daily email of encouragement that includes a TASTY RECIPE of what to do with those leftovers!  Designed by my professional in-house chef, Nick Goulding, you will be delighted to learn how to turn those leftovers into delicious works of art.

I'm Ready to Join! 

Sign me up and let's DO this! 

Need some more classes in your library?

Here's some healthy binge watching for you! 

I'm re-opening Facebook Live Videos and Virtual Open House Class Recordings from November 23 - December 6, so if you don't have these, sign up today!  

Already a member of these classes? They will pop back up in your library on the 23rd!

Registration ends November 29, so don't delay!


I'm ready for the challenge!

2020 has taken its toll, so I'm going to keep my yoga going strong!