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Whether you want to practice with others or on your time, these yoga courses and class subscription will get you the yoga you want, when you want it. 

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2021 Summer Semester Classes
Monthly Donation-Based Online Hatha Yoga
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Frequently Asked Questions

2021 Summer Classes

Donation-Based Hatha Yoga Monthly Subscription

Make your way to a stronger, more flexible, and happier you with the time commitment and price that's right for you! 

Live Zoom classes are Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 - 10:00am CST.  Keep access to classes on demand for an additional two weeks. 

Monthly charges are automatic.  Cancel anytime. 

Donation-Based Hatha Yoga

Keep your yogi toes dipped in.     

Donation-Based Hatha Yoga

Reach out and grab that total bliss.

Every class has a relevant intention, alignment, and healing. There will be flow and stillness.  There will be laughter and tears.  We'll fall down, and we'll get back up. We'll find balance, and connect to Divine.

How to Log in and Sign Up for Online Yoga Classes


Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • I see all these classes have a live Zoom time.  Will I have access to the recordings?

    Yes—they will all be in your “library” on www.jessgoulding.com. When you sign up for a class you will provide your email address and create a password.  This is how my website becomes the portal to your library.  Just save your password on your computer, and you should always be signed in!


  • How long do I have access to the recordings?

    Hatha classes are available on demand for an additional two weeks. You keep all Chakra Savvy classes for life.


  • I see there are three choices called “Hatha Yoga.”  Are they the same class?  Do we get different things depending on which we choose?

    The Tuesday/Thursday Hatha Yoga options are all for the same class.  These three options are honor-system donation based. Basically, if you come twice a week, or watch on demand twice a week, the $80 donation is right for you.  Half the classes?  $40.  Just want access as needed? $20.  I'm not taking roll, I'm creating a place for yoga no matter what, trusting students will give what they can in return.

  • What if I can’t make it to all the classes?

    No problem—just watch the class you missed on your time by signing in to your Library.


  • What if I don’t have or want PayPal?

    Simply email [email protected]ulding.com with “Alternative payment request” in the subject. I’ll share the address where you can send a check. Once it’s received I’ll register you for the class!


  • What if I really want yoga but my income is greatly reduced because of COVID-19? 

    Believe me, I get it! PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out for assistance. We can discuss a payment that works for you, or a scholarship as needed. But DO GET YOUR YOGA!! 


  • What if I want to cancel my Hatha Subscription?

    Simply email [email protected] with “Cancel Hatha” in the subject. You will not be charged the following month and you will no longer have access to the class recordings.


  • What if I want to change my donation level for Hatha Yoga? 

    Things change—I get it! Simply email [email protected] with “Change donation” in the subject.  Then let me know which level you would like to change to. No questions asked! 


  • Do I get a refund for a course if I change my mind?

    Yes—if you try the course for two weeks and decide it isn’t for you, simply email [email protected] with “Refund Request” in the subject line. 


  • What if I get injured and cannot do the classes anymore?

    If it’s within two weeks, I can issue a full refund.  If after, I will credit your account for any of my services in the future, including Yoga Therapy.  


  • Where do I find my Zoom links? 

    Within each course there is a page with a Zoom link, as well as other pertinent information, such as class calendar link, materials needed, and day and time of the class.  


  • Can someone start later in the semester?

    Yes! Join up with Hatha anytime.  

Calm Your Mind, Lift Your Spirits Therapeutic Yoga

Start your week clear-headed, grounded, and embodied. 

Live Zoom classes are Mondays, 9-10am CST. Keep access to classes on demand for additional 12 or 6 weeks. 

Strong Foundations

Steadiness, ease, knowledge, and compassion...these are the cornerstones of a strong yoga practice.

Live Zoom classes are Wednesdays, 6-7:15pm CST with optional time after for questions and discussion. Keep access to classes on demand through February 28, 2021.

Flow to Lay Low

Time for some fun and flow!  End your week with an asana practice geared towards stretching and strengthening your whole body.  Then flip the script to laying low and unwinding from the week as you rest in postures designed to release what you don’t need and nourish what you do.  

Live Zoom classes are Fridays, 12-1:30pm CST.  Keep access to classes on demand through an additional 12 or 6 weeks.

All Access Yoga Pass

You love all the yoga and you know what a valuable part of your life it is. You also like to save a little money.  Take your practice, and your LIFE, to a new level and practice yoga 5 DAYS A WEEK!  You can show up at class time or practice on your time. 

Live Zoom classes Monday through Friday, September 21-December 18. (No class week of Thanksgiving.) 

Keep on demand classes through February 28, 2021.

Yoga Everyday, Done Your Way

Hatha Yoga Monthly Subscription

Come as often as you like at a price that works for you.

Tuesday/Thursday 9am CST

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CHAKRA Savvy: Reset Your Life Game Plan

Your ultimate guide to putting the pieces back together the way you want your life to be.

Mondays, 9am CST 

Fridays, 12:30pm CST

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Bundle and Save!

All Hatha students get 25% off Chakra Savvy!