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The transition from summer vibes to a productive fall season can be tricky.
It's best to jump right back in with both feet (and both hands!)

Get Back to the Mat with OYM Boot Camp!

September 11 - 17, 2023

OYM Boot Camp is here to get you out of lazy summer mode and back on your mat with the perfect doses of regularity and variety.


Cost is just $10!


Join an enthusiastic community of online yogis who value their practice and are excited to challenge themselves with yoga every day for a week. 









You know daily movement keeps you going strong...

but it can be so easy to get out of the habit! Work, family, and life all pull us in different directions. But getting your daily strength and stretch on is vital to productivity, creativity, and stress management. 

You understand that variety is the spice of life...

and that includes your yoga practice! When things become rote and mindless they become boring and routine, which is when we lose interest and drop off the mat. Getting back to the mat with long or short classes, challenging or restorative sequences, and alignment-focused or inspirational intentions keeps things fresh and interesting.

You value flexibility and accessibility...

especially when it comes to your yoga! Life is busy, life is full, and life has ups and downs. For consistency on the mat, there must be classes for every phase and season. Whether you need modifications while overcoming illness or injury, or accessing your favorite classes while you're traveling through Tahiti is key, a robust yoga library makes everything possible, like consistent daily yoga.

Sign up for the one week  

Back to the Mat Boot Camp

and discover a whole host of classes that will get you strong, get you stretched, and leave you inspired and ready to return! 


Monday Gettin' Strong: Strength to Build the Dream. Start the week focusing on deep core strength, as well as the hips, glutes, and legs.  (Pre-recorded)


Tuesday, Live on Zoom Hatha: Alignment Check!  Get reminders or aha! moments of shoulders, arms, and hands alignment that will ensure your practice is safe and effective. (9am CST, or on recording)


Wednesday Hump Day Choice: Elemental Flow. Choose a 45-minute chakra flow class harnessing the energy of earth, water, fire, or air. (Pre-recorded)


Thursday, Live on Zoom Hatha: Potpourri Practice. Scratch every yoga itch as we move through standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, and hip openers. (9am CST or on recording)


Friday Calm Your Mind, Lift Your Spirits Therapeutic Yoga: The Happiness We Seek is Already Here.  Head into the weekend feeling calm, uplifted and positive with this one-hour practice inspired by the book Start Where You Are, by Pema Chödrön: (Pre-recorded)


Saturday Get it done: Plank and Flow. What boot camp would be complete without some serious plankage? Challenging but fun 30 Minute Flow practice. (Pre-recorded)


Sunday Strong Foundations: Ishvara Pranidhana (Devotion)  It's time to bring it all hOMe with some "yoga church." Bring your wholehearted dedication to your last practice, reflect on the impact of your week of yoga, take a moment to acknowledge your good work, and have gratitude for the process and the practice of yoga. 

All this for $10? Sign me up!

Two more things to motivate you to show up for yourself:


Leave a comment on the daily challenge class recording to say "I'm here!"  See what your fellow campers say, share your thoughts, and stay in the groove of daily yoga practice. 


Everyone who checks in everyday gets a FREE month of Online Yoga Membership with purchase! (Plus, there is a special discount offer only available to all boot campers...)

What is Online Yoga Membership?


How it works:

Step One: Register for Back to the Mat Boot Camp for only $10!

Step Two: Receive your Boot Camp welcome email with the class list so you can schedule out your week.

Step Three: Take the daily challenge class each day and leave a comment on the recording. For added accountability, show up LIVE on Tuesday and Thursday for Hatha on Zoom at 9am Central! 

Step Four: Celebrate how great you feel, how strong you are, and enjoy that healthy, happy glow that only comes with daily yoga!


Register for just $10!

Why try yoga with Jess?


Some days you want a strong session on your mat. Some days you just want to melt into stillness and quiet.

You'd also love to understand how to apply the vast, rich yoga wisdom to your everyday life.

But the sheer number of online classes out there is overwhelming! And not all teachers are created equal.

  • Some help with alignment.
  • Some spark your Spirit.
  • Some make you think.


But what if you want ALL of that?


Jess folds her 30 years of movement mechanics, 20 years of teaching, and thousands of hours of yoga therapy training and experience into all of her classes.


⇒  As a Certified Yoga Therapist she trained for an additional 1,000 hours to receive the most current, proven, and ancient teachings in asana, pranayama, meditation, and mind-body-spirit connection.


⇒ As a previous Certified Anusara Yoga teacher, she underwent the most grueling process out there for certifying teachers to teach heart-based alignment yoga.


⇒  As a former professional dancer and choreographer she is highly tuned in to how one movement flows into the next with the most efficiency and grace, making her sequencing clear, informative, and fun!


⇒  As a lifelong spiritual seeker she is always studying, learning, praying, and opening her eyes to the world of the divine within and around us--and she shares that with her students.


⇒  As a mother, wife, friend, daughter, and sister she is always considering how yoga can help build happy relationships in every area of our lives.

"I enjoy the yoga so much.  It really is important to me both physically and emotionally.  Your teaching style and dedication to your students makes the classes a pleasant experience for me.  Thanks for all you do and I appreciate being part of your yoga classes."  ~ Janice S.

“Your offerings give me the most of what I need right now.” ~ Rebecca S

"I love the fact that we can practice with the recorded classes anytime. Thanks for taking such good care of us.  Your inspiring email messages are a blessing." ~ JDC

Learn more about Jess

Back to School means Back to the Mat in

Online Yoga Membership!

From September 11-17, get the boost you need to transition from the unstructured days of summer to the regular routine of practicing yoga and meditation, because you know that’s what makes you feel good and show up better in your life. For only $10, you’ll have a full week to experience all that OYM has to offer, including 2 live Hatha classes a week plus a full library of pre-recorded classes, courses and more! 

I'm ready!