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More than a podcast . . .

this is where you tune into You.

I'm Jess Goulding, a certified yoga therapist and expert in the chakra system – our energy body system that helps us discover where and how we are out of balance and harmony in our lives so that we can heal and thrive.

In this podcast, we'll explore mountains of wisdom from ancient traditions, modern science, and timeless teachings that will light up our path and illuminate our souls. We’ll enjoy conversations with brilliant guests and try out breathing and meditation techniques together.

Join me as we walk together, up and around this mountain we call life.


Featured Tools and Resources

Chakra SavvyĀ Quickie Quiz

Answer 3 questions and discover where to begin your personal chakra journey...

Chakra Check-In Self Assessment

Guided centering and journaling questions

Chakra Savvy Cheat Sheet

Downloadable PDF list of chakra names, placement, and realm of influence.

Interested in taking a deeper dive into the chakras and yoga?

Learn about the amazing online courses we have available to support you on your yoga journey!

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Podcast Topic Bundles

from Ready, Get Centered, Go! with Jess G

From June, 2018 through February, 2021, Jess hosted this podcast as a response to a student's request to be able to hear the dharma talks (opening intention) that were at the start of her public yoga classes, and it grew into one of the top podcasts in Austin! When the world went online, the format changed, and eventually it was time to let it go. The content and teachings, however, still hold up and have a lot to give. 

These podcast series group together some of yoga's most useful teachings. Each bundle includes a beautiful downloadable PDF for your journal, your mirror, or wherever you keep and post your most important life lessons. Enjoy!



Engage in both self-study and self-improvement as you encounter your challenges with compassion and healing. Chakras are the wheels of energy in your body that act as the architecture of your soul. These podcasts take you through the Chakra system one wheel at a time.


Kleshas: Obstacles to True Perception

Embark on a journey to clear your mind of kleshas, or veils that obscure true perception. Described in the Yoga Sutras as the root causes of suffering, there are 5 ways we are ignorant to our true nature and fall into traps of attachments and aversions. 


Locks & Keys to Happiness

Keep your peace no matter who you meet. According to the Yoga Sutras, there are four kinds of people you will encounter. Each of these "locks" have a "key" to staying happy regardless of the behavior of others. 



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