Hi. I'm Jess Goulding.


I make yoga teachings relevant to your life today so you can feel free, have peace, and restore balance, body, mind, and spirit.

I believe the yoga teachings are for everyone, and a consistent yoga practice leads to deep personal understanding and spiritual transformation.

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Online Yoga Classes

Whether you're just getting started or love to rock a strong vinyasa, there is a yoga class here for you.  Jess folds her 30 years of movement mechanics, 15 years of teaching, and thousands of hours of yoga therapy training into all of her classes. 

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Yoga Bundles (Free!)

Get into your best version of these popular yoga poses with these FREE mini-courses! Each course has yoga practices and supporting e-books to help you remember what you learn and embody the aspirational themes.

The Way of The Warrior Yoga Bundle

The Way of The Warrior

Warrior I, II, and II are some of the most widely practiced yoga poses.  These three yoga classes help you take the time to master the basics and feel your practice blissfully expand. Supporting E-book helps you discover YOUR unique yoga path through lessons of the Bhagavad Gita, journaling and meditation.

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Fly Like a Bird Yoga Bundle

Fly Like a Bird

Eagle and Crow/Crane poses are tricky! These two yoga classes take you step-by-step for a successful flight.  The supporting E-book reminds you how you got there with helpful tips and tricks so your first flight is not your last! 

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About Jess G

Formerly a professional dancer, Jessica Goulding (E-RYT 500, CIAYT) has been teaching alignment-based contemplative and therapeutic yoga since 2004. She has taught yoga and stress management in a myriad of settings, including churches, colleges, corporate events, corporate retreats, yoga studios, yoga festivals and client's homes. She thoroughly enjoys bringing the rich healing methods of yoga to all challenging aspects of life. Jess’s teaching style is both fun and informative, as she meets each student right where they are and takes them deeper into their own personal journey. 

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Podcast Topic Bundles

Ready, Get Centered, Go! is a popular Jess G Yoga podcast.  No need to go searching for topics you love.  These podcast series group together some of yoga's most useful teachings. Each bundle includes a beautiful downloadable PDF for your journal, your mirror, or wherever you keep and post your most important life lessons. 


Engage in both self-study and self-improvement as you encounter your challenges with compassion and healing. Chakras are the wheels of energy in your body that act as the architecture of your soul. These podcasts take you through the Chakra system one wheel at a time.


Kleshas: Obstacles to True Perception

Embark on a journey to clear your mind of kleshas, or veils that obscure true perception. Described in the Yoga Sutras as the root causes of suffering, there are 5 ways we are ignorant to our true nature and fall into traps of attachments and aversions. 


Locks & Keys to Happiness

Keep your peace no matter who you meet. According to the Yoga Sutras, there are four kinds of people you will encounter. Each of these "locks" have a "key" to staying happy regardless of the behavior of others. 


Listen to all episodes of Ready, Get Centered, Go! 

There are tons of intention-setting and thought-provoking episodes for you to enjoy wherever you listen to podcasts.  Go to Anchor FM for links to Apple Podcast, Spotify, and more! 

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Quick Tips on YouTube

Learn valuable lifestyle tools of Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Pranayama (breathing), and Meditation with this collection of short instructional videos.  From a healthy morning routine to workplace ergonomics, these videos make life a little better, one simple practice at a time. 

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Morning Glow Instructions

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What People Are Saying

About Yoga With Jess

Adriana B.

“Her talks are so pure and interesting that it just moves you to think, to be grateful, to smile, and to be you!”

Sharon K.

“Jess teaches Yoga, not just asana. She brings all the limbs of yoga together for our practice and growth toward the Divine.”

Tammy B.

“Everyone should take a yoga class with Jess G. at least once in their lives.”

Christine E.

“I come away from her classes grounded, focused, stronger and feeling better in general! She teaches me about the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life, and specifically how I can tap into that personally.”

Willow B.

“I looove the spiritual/intentional component that Jess brings to the practice.”

Amy C.

“Grounded, wise and intuitive. And joyful! What more could you ask for?”

Stephanie G.

“Jess has such a remarkable way to tune into the energy of the room with each and every yoga class she teaches. She is such an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable guide, and I always leave her classes with a renewed purpose and a sense of peaceful direction for the rest of my day. I feel so grateful to have her grounded leadership in my life and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a solid yoga practice.”

Lizzie Brooks, Muscle Meets Mindful

“Jess G is an incredibly skilled teacher. She holds space with integrity and grace, allowing students to feel calm, supported, and able to shift and grow in ways they need most.”

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