Reset Your Life Game Plan


Your ultimate guide to putting the pieces of your life together the way you want them to be.

Go from feeling unsettled, upended, and questioning your direction,

to feeling grounded, confident, and happy in your life

by harnessing the power of the Chakra System.

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If you’re currently a yoga student, a yoga teacher, or you're jumping back on your mat after some time away, and you’re looking to reset your life with newness and intention while feeling steady, confident, and balanced, then


you already know that you could use a game plan to get you there. 


Practicing yoga connects us to our deepest truth and life purpose. The chakras reveal it step-by-step. 


The Chakras are the most accessible road map to self awareness and joy.

When we know ourselves better--our patterns, wounds, gifts, and imbalances-- we have the opportunity to create lasting and beneficial change.  

Learn where you are now, and get the next step on your personal healing journey when you take the chakra check-in self-assessment and follow the video guide. 


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By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Faced your fears and¬†diminished their power.

    Both our conscious and unconscious fears often sit in the driver seat of our lives.  This program gets you back in charge! 
  • Embraced the beauty of your feelings and emotions.

    Our emotions bring us important information, but an imbalance can cloud their message.  Learn where to shore up and where to let go to bring harmony to life, inside and out.
  • Ignited the fire of your will and power.

    There is a power and strength within you to manifest your dreams and desires--light it up!
  • Empowered your voice to speak your truth.

    The world needs your creative voice now, more than ever.  Have confidence sharing your ideas at home, at work, and at play. 
  • Connected to your true life purpose.

    Now is the time to live into your talents, desires, and vision like never before. 

Meet Your Teacher


Jess Goulding


Jess Goulding (E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, YACEP) has been in the body and movement world for thirty years.  Her formative years as an amateur, and later as a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer, instilled in her a deep, intrinsic understanding of body mechanics, energy management, and experience of Flow. Her continued studies and experience in yoga and spirituality since 2004 have made her an expert in her field of yoga and Yoga Therapy. 

After working closely with and assisting Anodea Judith on two advanced level courses on the Chakra System, she continues to find the chakras to be engaging, applicable, and revelatory.  It is her favorite way to engage in both self-study and self-evolution as she encounters life’s challenges with compassion and healing. Jess deeply enjoys guiding her students through breath, movement, and meditation on the chakras so they can know themselves better and how they relate to the world.  

What have other Savvy students said?

"I’ve been practicing yoga for many years and have taken previous workshops on the chakra system, but I wanted to dig a bit deeper and have always enjoyed Jess’s courses.

I was amazed at how much the Chakra Savvy course deepened my understanding of chakras and of myself. The course was powerful and truly enlightening. Understanding when my voice is needed and when an action is necessary vs when something is not mine to do, are lessons I’m still working on after 66 years in this body & soul.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share in this wisdom and especially glad that I can keep this course in my online library to return to whenever needed. I have already revisited some of the lessons and Life Labs. Thank you Jess for being such a talented and wise teacher and guru!" ‚ÄĒ Eve M., 2023 cohort

"My aha moment centered on letting go: letting go of the past and accepting what I can’t change.  As Jess said, it’s not an “easy fix.”  But letting go of what was or what should have been lets me embrace and focus on what is.  Again, I have added more tools to my toolbox to stay healthy and balanced." -- ALISON S

"My main takeaway is to have intentional moments to root down and just BE Present.

Bookending my day with very purposeful feet planted pauses.

Start my day with a pause, feet planted, and intention with body and senses instead of just hitting the ground running towards sunset. 

BE present with my kids, enjoy and savor the time and playing, instead of thinking on my to-do list or the next thing." -- ANGELA K

"I am paying more attention and finding delight in the 'little things' of life, which are really everywhere. I am learning to be more awake and 'track them down' in the mundane or even stressful moments (a cardinal outside my window, the yummy smell of food, a cup of tea in my favorite mug, etc.). Also, just like the water in the videos, I want to flow around the obstacles of life more effortlessly! - Highlight: I really enjoy all the hip shaking, that Jess has us do - makes me feel so alive!" -- CHRISTINE L

Peek Inside Chakra Savvy


7 chakras, 7 modules

Each module is a deep dive into one chakra.

Every module includes 6 yoga practices, 3 Life Lab videos, and 1 Chakra Savvy Tool Kit that includes tools to help bring practices of Ayurveda and other healing modalities to life. 


Dates for 2024 Cohort:


Module 1: January 15-31

Get Grounded

Tap into your roots, set new routines, and establish your foundation.

Module Highlights:

Grounding yoga practices with standing postures to help create stillness and ease. 

Chakra One Tool Box including

  • Custom-made Muladhara essential oil roller
  • Tools for Ayurveda morning routine
  • Affirmation card¬†for daily intention support
Module 2: February


Tune into what makes you happy, and learn to release emotions that are blocked within you.

Module Highlights:

Hip openers and pelvis stabilizers to get your energy flowing while providing structural support.  

  • Release low back pain
  • Life Lab video helps you dance it out!
  • Meditation tools to calm the waters of emotion
Module 3: March

Ignite Your Power

Module Highlights:

Work your manifesting and transformational energy towards making your dreams come true.  Deep twists and core strengthening practices rule the module as you get stronger, body, mind, and spirit.

  • Work out with¬†resistance bands from¬†Tool Box
  • Mantra to¬†strengthen¬†your will
  • Learn the power of rest
Module 4: April

Open Your Heart

Module Highlights:

Dip into your heart center where you house relationships, your ability to give and receive love, and past and present grief.

  • Chest opening asana practices to awaken your heart
  • Pranayama (breathing practices) to reduce suffering
  • Resources to guide you in the power of forgiveness.¬†
Module 5: May

Speak Your Truth

Module Highlights:

Access the power of sound with mantra and release the tension we all carry around our neck, shoulders, and jaw.

  • Tricks of the trade to relax a tight jaw
  • Vocal warm-ups for speaking with clarity and authority
  • Safe postures for neck and shoulder rehabilitation.¬†¬†
Module 6: June


Module Highlights:

Awaken the third eye's ability to see clearly and create a vision for your life that reflects your heart's desire.

  • Create a vision board for your intention
  • Balance poses to foster stillness and clarity
  • Object meditation practices to gain clarity and focus¬†
Module 7: July


Module Highlights:

Expand your Soul and connect to Source through meditation, prayer, and ritual.  Realize your connection to all and surrender to Divine Flow.

  • Create a daily meditation/prayer practice.¬†
  • Learn how to safely practice headstand one and two, as well as appropriate modifications
  • Reflect on your experience and celebrate YOU!¬†

"I feel so grateful to have her grounded leadership in my life and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a solid yoga practice.”

- Stephanie G., Student


"A bright light on the rainbow path!"

- Anodea Judith, Author, Wheels of Life and Eastern Body Western Mind


“Jess is an incredibly skilled teacher. She holds space with integrity and grace, allowing students to feel calm, supported, and able to shift and grow in ways they need most.” 

-Lizzie Brooks, Muscle Meets Mindful


Savvy Spotlight: Giving

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Chakra Savvy Students don't just help themselves.  They help others.

The only way to truly keep the energy of health, healing, and abundance flowing is to give as you receive.  These charities are perfectly aligned with the intention of each chakra, and a portion of proceeds goes to each one as we move through the program.

Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center

Well Aware


American Heart Association

Girls Rock Austin

Unite to Light

Charity of Choice

 Chakra Savvy Tool Kits

to bring your routines and rituals to life 

Each module includes a custom-created tool kit to support the practices of each chakra.  A few examples include:

  • Custom-made root chakra essential oil
  • Candle for meditation
  • Resistance band for strength workout
  • Chakra Savvy journal, and more!

Chakra Savvy Tool Kits have a $175 total retail value

Take a sneak peek...



When you sign up, here's what you’ll get:



Reset Your Life Game Plan
(A $1,190 VALUE)


  • 7 Modules

    3 week deep dive into every facet of you, body mind, and spirit.

  • 42 Yoga Classes

    Live on Zoom and on demand in your video library

  • 21 Life Lab Videos

    Incorporate wellness practices, meditations, mantras, and more into your daily life.
  • 7 Chakra Savvy Tool Kits

    Tangible instruments to keep your intention, inspire your meditation, and beautify your practice space or altar.

  • A community of yogis to¬†support you in your journey.¬†

    Everyone needs others with us on the path!  Find your tribe for now and forever! 

  • Resources for life!

    You get to keep it ALL.




#1  Full Access to Online Yoga Membership

If more yoga options sounds awesome, you'll love all that's available in OYM.

#2  One FREE Private Session

In a program like this, a little one-to-one personal guidance makes everything even more personal and profound. Set wellness goals, get individual attention, and ask those questions that come up along the way.  Virtual 1:1 session will support your personal growth with insightful reflections and advice tailored to your unique goals, as well as  celebrate your successes throughout! 

#3  Savvy Conversations

These LIVE group sessions will give you a forum to talk about your aha moments, pose your questions, and share experiences from the course. Students on the journey with you will be a welcome community of yogis working to reset their lives as well, bringing inspiration, encouragement, and accountability. Jess will facilitate with questions and topics related to where you are in the course.


#4 Chakra Savvy Recharge

Join Jess once a year for an intention-setting workshop aimed to get you back on the mat and into your Life Labs in a way that supports you best.   One chakra will stand out, and you'll get a helpful boost to go back and get it balanced with a deep dive challenge, or you'll just brush up on the basics to keep your passion flowing. 

What is Online Yoga Membership?

Inspiration, Encouragement, Accountability, and Growth

Join Jess and the whole Chakra Savvy Community for two group chakra yoga practices that bridge the current chakra back to the whole system. Enjoy conversations about what you're learning, where you're struggling, and the aha! moments that are feeding your soul. 


It can be a lot to take on a wellness journey such as this--but you are not alone! Jess is available for questions, comments, and guidance, and your fellow students will bring group wisdom and reflection. 

Dates and times will be determined by the participants.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll:


Chakra Savvy: Reset Your Life Game Plan - $1,190 Value

  • ¬†Your 7-chakra journey to reset your life the way you¬†love it to be
  • Bonus 1 -¬†Access to the full OYM suite of courses, including Tuesday/Thursday LIVE Hatha classes.¬†
  • Bonus 2 -¬†One private session with Jess.
  • Bonus 3 - Savvy Conversations to deepen your experience with community.
  • Bonus 4 - Chakra Savvy Recharge! Electrify¬†your intention.
  • Generosity! Every Chakra has a cause you will be supporting that is in alignment with the needs of that chakra.¬†¬†


5 Monthly Payments of



A One-Time Payment of


Frequently Asked Questions


I can’t wait for you to join Chakra Savvy!

This course was brewing within me for three years before I launched her to the world in January 2021.  The feedback and experiences have been fantastic!

I have been teaching the Chakra System and Chakra Yoga for over ten years, and my only frustration has been around time--as in not enough of it.  One class or even one week per chakra just isn't enough! I wanted my students to have the opportunity to really dive deep and see how their best life can pour out of well done energetic work.

The last few years have been so personally challenging, I got to put my teachings to the test.  I observed and journaled about my experience for myself, and the teachings came to life!  Then, as I was sitting by the fire jotting down some thoughts, the whole program came to me.  I filled half a spiral notebook with what I want to teach and what tools are best to use!  Chakra Savvy is the culmination of much trial and error, heartfelt prayer, and stubborn determination. 

Join me in this life changing journey!