$25.00 USD

Stop and Give Me 20

Balance, harmony, longevity, and peace, all within a time frame that works for today's busy schedule.

Inside this course you will find 8, twenty-minute practices:

  1. Balanced Hips

  2. Open Chest and Shoulders

  3. Strong Core

  4. Happy Feet

  5. Deep Twists

  6. Forward Folds

  7. Triangle Flow

  8. Inversion Fun

As you can see, there is something here for just about any need you may have! 

BONUS! Each practice has an accompanying PDF, so once you get the hang of the postures you can work on your own with just the sequence at your side.  

These classes are the answer to students' requests, and I know you're going to love them!  I have been helping individual clients with range of motion improvement, alignment, balance, strength and flexibility for many years, and I'm distilling some of what I've learned  into this course for you. Enjoy!

                                   --Love, Jess

This is a one-time purchase to keep in your online library at www.jessgoulding.com/library.


What People Are Saying:

Awesome express-lane hip workout! I only had a few minutes before a zoom call...I feel so much better!!!"

Rebecca L

It’s so nice to have a short practice like this as an option!"

Eve M

It was hard, but I feel good. Gracias"

Magdalena E