A stronger, healthier, happier you

one practice at a time. 








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A stronger, healthier, happier you

one practice at a time. 

If you are a current or aspiring yoga student looking to reap the benefits of a consistent yoga practice and connect to a curious and bright yoga community, then you already know that finding the right online teacher, classes, and level of challenge can be daunting.


But it doesn't have to be.


You know yoga is good for you. You might even feel it saves you, keeps you sane, or helps you stay present to your life.  Yet somehow your self-care takes a back seat to the many and various demands on your time.


You are not alone.   

Let's make this easy.

OYM is the yoga membership you’ve been looking for.

Whether you are new to yoga, looking to get back into a regular practice, or just need some new inspiration on the mat, OYM provides personal, uplifting, expertly guided, and easily accessible yoga practices that you can do anytime, anywhere. Members have access to live and on-demand Hatha classes, a variety of in-depth courses, a monthly newsletter packed with resources and inspiration, and two 1:1 coaching sessions with a certified yoga therapist. 

When you join

Online Yoga Membership 

you will have…


  • Access to a robust library of in-depth, alignment-based, and therapeutic recorded yoga courses. 

    The variety is never-ending, but not overwhelming.  Some are tough.  Some are tame.  They all make you feel better
  • Opportunites to practice live online.

    Be with your teacher.  See your yoga community in real-time. Tuesday/Thursday 9am CST.
  • Expert guidance from a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT).

    Practice the postures safely for your unique blueprint. 
  • Highest quality yoga when YOU can do it. 

    No more trying to plan your life around a studio schedule.
  • Fun and inspiring classes wherever you are.

    Yoga on vacation, in the break room, at the park, or in your bedroom--the Kajabi app will bring you your Hatha anywhere you find yourself needing a yoga fix. 
  • Yoga that remembers you are more than your body.

    Change the way you think--for the better.  Access the sparkling nature of your soul and connect to the presence of the divine in your life.  
  • Supportive weekly reminders of why you want to return to your mat. 

    Stay inspired by weekly blogs that inform you, entertain you, and keep you seeing the world through a yoga wisdom lens.  
  • Flexible pricing for membership. 

    There's no risk! Pay monthly and cancel any time. Or save some dough and dive right in with an annual membership.
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If you crave a consistent yoga practice with...


Option for live or on demand.

Practice yoga anywhere, anytime.

No commute! 


Get the yoga that's right for YOU.

Yoga for body, mind, and spirit in every class.

Expert instruction to keep you safe.



2 new Hatha classes every week!

5 in-depth courses to keep your practice fresh.

Choose from 20 - 90 minute-long practices.

...then you've come to the right place!


Whether you're just getting started or love to rock a strong vinyasa, there is a yoga class here for you. 

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