Bring a Unique and Memorable Experience to your Attendees

“Jess shines at distilling your event’s theme into an embodied experience that is inspiring, relatable, and amplifies your unique message into long-lasting insight.”

-Francis P.

Jess combines the teachings of yoga with the science of our bodies and mindfulness exercises to create a unique and memorable experience for your event. She ups the value of any gathering by tapping into a group’s sense of connection and physically integrating the theme with each attendee’s deep sense of self.

From speaking as the keynote to offering a meaningful movement session, her programs can be customized for any setting and leave attendees feeling energized, focused and open to new ideas. Her keen eye for body mechanics, quick wit, easy laugh, and depth of understanding of the yogic teachings make sessions with Jess both informative and enjoyable.

Jess will collaborate with you to create a custom experience for your team or event. Her programs are accessible to a broad range of people, from those new to yoga to more experienced practitioners, and are sensitive to the needs of each workplace environment.

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  • Bringing the Whole Self to Work:
    Mind, Body and Spirit
  • BREAK TIME yoga:
    Yoga at Your Desk
  • Stop Solving a Thinking Problem with More Thinking!
    Move your body, calm your mind.
  • The Power of Pausing:
    Nervous System Optimization for Innovation & Productivity
  • Networking Within:
    Harness the Power of the Mind to Create the Reality You Want
  • Breathwork for Public Speakers:
    Strategies for Speaking from Strength
  • Put Your Best Self Forward:
    Discover and Release Old Patterns for a New Experience of YOU

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