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Personalized guidance to find your center, journey through change, and set your path forward.

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Life is an ever-evolving journey 

and sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads. Maybe you’re going through a major life event like a change in marital status, parenting roles, or employment. Maybe you’re navigating the challenging experience of caretaking or loss. Or maybe you’re simply nudging up against the deep instinct that it’s time to make some important changes in your life. While these experiences can shake your foundation, it's actually in these moments of vulnerability that you have the greatest opportunity to evolve into the next version of yourself.

I invite you to embark on a transformative 12-week coaching program

designed to guide you as you reconnect with yourself and journey through the obstacles and changes in your life, and empower you to step into your next chapter with clarity and confidence. 

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As your dedicated coach, I specialize in creating a process that will be customized to fit your individual needs and goals. With a healthy mix of professional guidance and co-creation, you will explore the depths of your inner self and embark on a fresh path as a healthier, happier and more centered version of you.

What you can expect

Alignment with Your Truth: 

I am here to support you in staying aligned with your authentic self throughout our journey together.


Rebuilding with Purpose:

Life's transitions offer an opportunity to rebuild with intention. I provide a steady hand at your side, helping you sift through what to discard, what to keep, and what new to bring in, so that you can create a future that feels right for you.

Wholistic Approach: 

Drawing from over three decades of experience as a teacher and teacher trainer, yoga therapist, chakra system expert, small business owner, student of life and spiritual guide, I bring a unique and specialized blend of tools to your coaching journey. Combining wisdom from physiology, anatomy, psychology, movement, spirituality, Ayurveda, breath, meditation, and more, I will guide you through the threshold of this new way of being that takes into account ALL of you, body, mind, and spirit.


Solid Ground in Transition: 

In times of major change, having something solid to cling to is invaluable. This coaching program provides the stability and guidance you need to navigate through uncertainty and embrace transformation.

12 weekly meetings to set goals, overcome obstacles, open up new possibility, and get stuff DONE. 

Weeks 1-4: Finding Your Center

  • Explore and reconnect with your core values.
  • Embrace the power of letting go and creating space for transformation.


Weeks 5-8: Journey Through Change

  • Navigate the specifics of your life event with personalized coaching.
  • Utilize a curated selection of tools to support your unique journey.


Weeks 9-12: Set Your Path Forward

  • Integrate the lessons learned and create a roadmap for the future.
  • Cultivate trust in each step of your unfolding journey so you can feel empowered and confident to create and embrace the future you are stepping into.
Whether you want to start a business, establish a routine, process your past, change a pattern, or open your heart for better relationships, our focused time together will take you from wishing and hoping to wow this is amazing by applying tools from yoga, Ayurveda, psychology, and current and sacred texts.

This isn't about finding quick answers; it's about opening yourself to trust each step of your journey as it unfolds before you. And the best part? You can feel safe and assured that you do not have to tackle it all on your own, because you have an experienced guide at your side who is supporting you at every step.

Full Payment


Installment Plan


Most sessions done over Zoom. Some in-person meetings will be available. Program price likely to increase in the future. Payment accepted through PayPal, Venmo, credit card, and check. Sessions are 50 minutes.

Find out if Whole Life Alignment personalized guidance is right for you!

12 weeks



Here's what you get:

  • 12 weekly meetings to set goals, overcome obstacles, open up new possibility, and get stuff DONE.

  • Weekly notes from each session that include a recap of what's going well, where are the challenges, and some homework to move you forward towards your goal. 

  • Access to Chakra Savvy™: Reset Your Life Game Plan and Online Yoga Membership classes and Life Labs that are relevant to your process. 

What have others said about working with Jess?

Sunday B.

"My work with Jess began when I was in a very big rut, navigating tremendous trauma and grief, and physical setbacks that were affecting all aspects of my life. The insights that she has shared with me in our sessions, ranging from quick ergonomic fixes at work to global shifts in perspective and doing, have guided me on a new path of healing, and have kicked me into the gear(s) needed to realize my true heart’s desires. 


Jess intently witnesses, bringing her years of eastern/chakra/yogic study and wisdom to the table to help you with your intentions. Through our time together, by providing customized resources and practices, she has helped me realize simple and powerful ways to resolve some very deep-seated habits, and life-long guard rails that had kept me from honoring my true self. My time with her has been truly transformational.


I recommend this unique, process-oriented work that Jess has created with a million stars, and even more flourishes(!) She has the capacity, knowing and heart from her years of teaching and doing to help you realize your goals and advance you to new and better ways of being.


Having Jess in my life as a friend, colleague, and teacher for almost 20 years, I know these things to be true: 

Jess takes complex concepts and potentially overwhelming ideas and makes them simple, accessible, and easy to integrate into your personal and professional life.


She takes simple things we often overlook during our busy, over-scheduled days and makes them profoundly educational and transformative.

Jess is a successful entrepreneur and small business owner. She is disciplined and dedicated to doing the work required to elevate her brand and expand her services and offerings. I have watched her grow her business from multi-color post-it notes on her office wall to a profitable, sustainable company that creates lasting change in the lives of others.

Jess is a conscious yet practical parent of two teenagers and a partner in a loving marriage. She brings her entire self to each group she works with, and I have benefited time and time again from her experience. Working with her, I have been inspired to change how I show up as a parent, wife, and leader in my company. 

Lori Johnson

-mother, daughter, partner, friend, and General Manager of Castle Hill Fitness. Austin, Texas.

What is the program like?

Each week consists of one session, usually over Zoom, and a feedback email listing your wins, challenges, and homework. There is a dedicated coaching platform in your online library which will hold all session feedback and suggested resources. 

Here's an example from one client's session feedback: 


Great work again this week!


We are really discovering how much movement throughout the day decreases pain and tension throughout your body. This is fantastic! Just keep your momentum going. It's helping to build your fire!

You did a job this week that you really enjoyed! And there's homework with that... ;)

You now have a job with consistent income in a field that is in your wheelhouse. Congratulations!! 🎉 Now that chakra one is satisfied, chakras two and three can begin to balance as well. This means proper boundaries and rekindled fire. We are on track!


Suffering from procrastination is common--be kind to yourself! I have a feeling that by applying the efforts where we are, you will see this tendency decrease. Keep paying attention to when it strikes. Self study is a good action to take on this for now.

Checking out with social media or nibbles from the kitchen is also a common problem for those who work on the computer and from home. So we will apply the Yoga of Action in your homework assignment :)


  • Self study: For your work day, set a timer for 20 minutes. During that time, turn off all distractions and make those 20 minutes completely focused on the task at hand. When you feel an urge or impulse to check out or go nibble, or any other zoning out activities, simply put a tally mark on a paper nearby. If possible, go back to work. After 20 minutes, give yourself 3-5 minutes to check out if you still want to. You earned it! Repeat the 20 minute process for all sit-down working hours. Keep tallies of all sessions. Just watch what your patterns are and we'll go over it next week!
  • Right effort: 
    1. Try to hit your Three Pillars each day: 
      1. Morning routine
      2. 20 minutes of movement (can be peppered throughout your day and includes some brisk walking and/or sun salutations)
      3. Something that nourishes your soul (keep it simple!)
    2. Light Up List/Collage: Create a collage of your list of things that you like about the production gig you had this week. Let this be fun and nourishing and get lit up about it all over again!

Check the resources tab for a Balanced Hip practice and sequence PDF.

See you in a week! 

Much love

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Whole Life Alignment

Personalized guidance to find your center, journey through change, and set your path forward.

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