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Making Things Sacred

I hope your Labor Day Weekend was just what you wanted. I had a fabulous time teaching at the Free Day of Yoga down at Waterloo Park. It was fun to reconnect with familiar faces and meet some new students as well. It's one of my favorite Austin traditions, so definitely mark your calendar for next year! 

For my class I taught a Chakra Flow class, drawing energy from the crown down to the root. We experienced ourselves as funnels, bringing light, consciousness, ideas, divine, universal flow from out in the ethers to our very earth-bound, material bodies. This is working with the manifesting current of our energetic selves. So often we think of the liberating current, going from physical to spiritual, as the "better" way to go. But I promise, the conscious anchoring of spirit into our bodies in the here and now, just as they are, is a completely necessary and worthwhile journey as well.


That's why everything this fall season is about embodiment. Being here, present,...

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