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Maternity Leave for Graduation

I can't believe I haven't posted a blog in over a month now! If you saw this social media post, you know why. If not, here's what I said:


"I’m taking a maternity leave.  I need time and space to process this transition called graduation.   

This maternity leave means being fully invested in mothering the last month of this era. Not only my family, but myself! You can catch me at a Maroons game, planning and attending graduation parties, pulling out photo albums and keepsake boxes, and generally trying to hold it together. And hold Nate tighter. 

You might not catch me in a new podcast episode or on the blog. And that’s ok for now.

You will catch me in my yoga classes, as they and the students ground and support me as much as I do them.  We ROCK at transitions together. And there’s lots of wise women there who have gone before me. 

To all of you who’ve had your babies graduate, I see there’s really no way to prepare. We...

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