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Happy Holidays! A Year In Review

I hope you are well, snuggled up warm and cozy. This is an auspicious week for sure!  We are in the middle of Hannukah, the Winter Solstice is Wednesday, and Christmas arrives on Sunday. (It's also Crossoword Puzzle Day and Humbug Day, so if none of the others suit you there's still something to celebrate!) 

As I write here in my comfy overstuffed chair, I am feeling the brightness of these holidays a little extra this year.  I took a few minutes to turn back the pages of my calendar to remember where 2022 began and what yoga we have done since it’s beginning. 

Ya'll--we did a lot. 

  • We kicked off the New Year with a Reboot workshop, getting our energy flowing and chakras spinning with plans for 2022.
  • A second cohort of Chakra Savvy: Reset Your Life Game Plan yogis dove into their mind-body connection, changed patterns, and healed old wounds. 
  • We had fun with our Gal/Pal/Valentines at a Partner Yoga Workshop at Castle Hill Fitness.
  • Two Walking With Divine Feminine: Yoga and Labyrinth day retreats had us contemplating our divine connection and enjoying nature.
  • 15 of us traveled to beautiful Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for an unforgettable week of replenishment.
  • Yoga outside got lots of attention at Waterloo Greenway and Free Day of Yoga.
  • Online Yoga Membership (OYM) was birthed as a special community of online yogis seeking variety and consistency in their home practices.
  • Return to Your Light: A Women's Yoga Retreat at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center did just that! 
  • We found our way back on the mat together at Monday Morning Yoga at Circle C Community Center.
  • I spent over 200 hours in 1:1 Yoga Therapy, truly enjoying the journey I am privileged to take with such personal time together.
  • Because I can't grow as a teacher without growing as a person, I was fortunate to spend over 100 hours in courses and on retreats that shed light on my own unique path, gave me new tools to share, and made me "up my game" in getting all this yoga to you! (This is even more if you include time with my mentor!)
  • Finally, (unless I'm forgetting something) I wrote 48 of these weekly blogs to intended to make you laugh, think, reflect, and expand awareness on your personal journey, on and off the mat. 

So take a bow!! Whether you're on your mat or staying in touch through email, this blog, or on social media, you are part of this, and you are part of WHY I do this. Without you--what's the point??

I must say, though, that all of this isn't possible without the support and talent of the Jess G Yoga Team:

Many of you know Angela Kelley.  (Pictured to my left.) She's been with us on the mat and at events since the beginning. Her talents in communication, organization, and design guarantees your experience is top notch.  She makes it look easy and she makes sure it's fun! If you've ever been to an event with me, you know Angela is the one behind the scenes, smoothing the way to a meaningful experience. 


Natalie Marshall joined our team in July, and we couldn't be happier! She brings her super savvy sales and marketing background to our efforts, and she keeps us all on track. (This woman is a calendar master.) She lightens my load so I can focus on teaching and creating! Because she is also a yoga teacher, she REALLY understands us and what a quality yoga program can do to improve the lives of those who choose to step on the mat. She's all in! 


So in this week of light, love, gathering, reflecting, celebrating and gift-giving, please know our team thinks of you, cares about you, and wants nothing but the best for you. We hope that as you close out this year you can focus on the good stuff and know that you touched the lives of others in a positive way. 

You elevate us.

You align us.

You inspire us.

May you have the happiest of holidays, and know that you are prayed for today and every day. We are so thankful for you! 

Much love,


Jess, Angela, and Natalie

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