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When You're in the Rocking Chair

If you've been a student of mine for any length of time, I'm sure you've heard me quote my dad.  And though he passed away 18 years ago, his voice still advises me in my head. 

One of my favorites came to mind today, and that is how he sometimes made decisions about what he should do at any given time based on what he would think about in the "rest home."  I don't know how p.c. it is to say "rest home," but that's what he called it.  (Also "old folks home," if you prefer.) 

For example, when advising me on who to marry, he suggested I marry someone I'd want to still talk to in my "rest home rocking chair."  Or should I spend money on a certain extravagance? Well, what do you want to count in the rest home, money or memories?

Experiences were always important and worth it, in my dad's opinion.  Worth the time, the money, the risk, and the effort.  This guiding principle has pushed me out of my comfort zone to go for it so many times, and I've never regretted it! 

So today when Laura of One Yoga Global emailed me and offered $200 off THIS WEEK for anyone who signs up for my Lake Atitlan, Guatemala retreat May 7-14, 2022, I thought, HECK YES!!! Let's do this TODAY!!

I know there are many of you thinking about coming to Guatemala...wondering if now is the time or if you should go.  And if $200 off makes it even just a little easier, then it's time to commit to making this experience (and its future memory) a reality. 

Here's what to do next:

1) Go to this LINK and choose your fabulous accommodations.  Bunk up alone or save even more and bring a friend! We can also match you with a fabulous yogi/ni if you like. 

2) Create an account and put down a deposit.  ($150 will come off right away--another $50 will come off when Laura sees it is done THIS WEEK!)

3) Start daydreaming about you doing yoga in paradise, having a glorious massage, eating amazing food, and feeling younger and more rejuvenated every day of your trip. (And the glow lasts--take my word for it!)

So tell me, what are you waiting for?  

May you live a life full of experiences and memories to last you a lifetime.

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