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Easing Election Tension

On days like today, I’m glad for the practice of yoga.  When I first started, it was to keep my body limber and my mind at ease.  Over time it became a wonderful source of community and divine connection.  My thirst for knowledge in all things yoga led me to study with some of the world’s premier yoga teachers, like John Friend, Chase Bossart, Christina Sell, Leslie Kaminoff, and Anodea Judith. 


It was studying with them that I realized that life and yoga are not separate, and yoga is not always an escape. In fact, it's where I choose to walk straight into whatever fire is burning and try to understand it from the inside out. In doing this, I learn about myself from the inside out. And that's the only way to live more consciously and be able to take right action and surrender the results.


You voted. Your work is done. The rest you cannot control. So breathe and have a little faith because this too shall pass. The Universe is working for you and for us all in the way it needs to be done. (But that doesn't make it easy, does it?!)


In yesterday's therapeutic yoga class, students were feeling the tension in the air as election day was approaching. One student confessed to being on the verge of tears, and she wasn't alone. But by the end of class, we all felt better. She even took the time to write to me, saying,


"the music and the warrior poses really helped me feel much more grounded and positive."


You know this feeling, right? :)


That's why I want to give you a little Election Day gift:


A 20 minute therapeutic yoga practice designed to short-circuit the fear response and leave you feeling calmer and breathing easier.


You can enjoy enjoy my 20 minute grounding Chakra One practice by going to my YouTube page now! 


There are also likely three people who came to your mind just now who need this practice right away! And I want you to share it with them! And while you're there, I'd LOVE you to "like" and "subscribe"  and leave a comment if it suits you. And thank you! 



In this week's PODCAST, I break down the parts of this grounding yoga class and offer you a tool to help you create your own practice from the things you know you love.  So head over there for some extra reminders that yoga is the medicine for right now. 


I appreciate you, and I want you to breathe easy. As the English mystic of the Middle Ages, Julian of Norwich, wrote in Revelations of Divine Love, 


"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well." 


Much love,




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