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Happy Autumnal Equinox! 


Officially it’s Saturday the 23rd, at 1:50am Central. This is the time when the day and night reach a perfect balance. It is a tipping point from growth and expansion to contraction and hibernation. Often, we think these things as negative attributes of life, but like night and day, inhale and exhale, one does not exist without the other.  We must surrender the fruits of our efforts, celebrate our harvest, and turn towards an inner light of warmth and guidance as we pass through the winter months, finally emerging once again in the spring.


As you well know, time exists in so many cycles: hours, days, months, seasons, years… So this equinox doesn’t stand alone as an individual event. It is the beginning of change that spans from this season to next. 


Yesterday, as I sat staring at my wall calendar and thinking of what this season has in store, a beautiful thing occurred to me. Whatever intentions I create now will have time to grow roots deep into the soil, which will support the growth and expansion of Spring! Six months from now will be a new phase in my evolution. I want to fully be here for this phase! 


Incidentally, this season culminates in a trip to the Galapagos Islands, the home of the theory of evolution. There, we will see the inspiration for a fundamental understanding of how Life works! This is such a yogic principle! (Did you read my post about Charles Darwin as a yogi?) 


This trip is fun, exciting, and a bucket-list item for sure. But to me, there’s so much more opportunity than tourism. This is a chance, a six-month chance, to really dig in and create meaning this season. This is what excites me about this retreat. So much so that those who are already signed up and ready to go are starting their journey now…


This retreat’s intention is to EVOLVE, and all my Galapagos retreat peeps will be on a guided self-transformation for the months leading up to our celebration in March in the islands known for extraordinary creatures!


Here’s a glimpse into what’s in store for my Galapagos retreat attendees:


September calls us to set our intentions for this season, considering where in our lives we desire evolution, transformation, or change, as well as the retreat itself. 


October is meet, greet, and gather over Zoom to share our desires, infusing them with the support and excitement of the group. 


November is gratitude practices for the abundance already in our lives, for the retreat that is coming, and all the souls who worked together to make this island accessible, sustainable, and educational. Evolution built on a strong foundation of Gratitude is more authentic, more enjoyable, and more long-lasting. 


December will have us gazing inward toward the Light, allowing us to see the roots of our intention growing deep and wide. 


January is our time to delight in the changes we see and make any adjustments to our intention that this New Year will bring.


February is when we love where we are. Full acceptance of our current life and evolution is the perfect “Spring-board” to next season’s outward growth and expansion! 



March is the month of the retreat AND the Vernal Equinox! We will celebrate Life in all its myriad forms, getting as close as any human can to beautiful creatures of land, sea, and sky. We will be everywhere that is bursting with Life, and simply let joy and adventure lead us in yoga practices, tours, delicious meals, good nights’ sleeps, and overall rejuvenation. 

I invite you to take some time this weekend and consider where you may need or want a shift in perspective: an evolution, if you will.


~ Is there something you need to shed, release, or surrender?

~ Are you at a shifting point in your work, relationships, spiritual life, or goals?

~What’s on the horizon for you as we enter the season of letting go?


There are now four rooms available for this transformational season and retreat, and it always sells out. This is no ordinary vacation. This is an adventure full of meaning, guaranteed to change you in both ways you desire and can’t even imagine. 


May you heed the call of Life, may you accept the journey of Evolution, and may you sign up for this experience of a lifetime. 


Much love

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