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Was Charles Darwin a Yogi?

I've got Darwin on my mind, and for good reason! Angela, our beloved Community and Events Coordinator, and I recently put our heads together to decide on the theme and of our Galapagos retreat. Yes--the islands and the adventure will certainly speak for itself, but you can do that on your own anytime.


What's the difference between doing a Galapagos vacation and a Galapagos Yoga Retreat?



This trip will have deep intention behind it, which means it will be more meaningful, transformational, and memorable. Intentional doesn't mean stodgy! It means breathing extra yogic life into the whole experience. We get more out of anything we do when we do it with intention.

Although Charles Darwin, the renowned naturalist and author of "On the Origin of Species," is not typically described as a yogi in the traditional sense, it is possible to draw some parallels between Darwin's work and certain aspects of yogic philosophy. After all, when you think about it, it's all yoga when that's your intention:


The Yoga of Observation and Awareness: Yogic philosophy emphasizes the cultivation of keen observation and heightened awareness. Darwin, as a naturalist, dedicated his life to observing and documenting the natural world. He meticulously studied various organisms and their adaptations, constantly seeking to expand his understanding of the intricate web of life. I'd say his scientific approach aligns with the yogic principle of mindful observation and deepening awareness. Imagine yourself actually bringing this intention to your yoga practice while in the very surroundings that brought us so much understanding of how life works! I know we will see ourselves differently as well. At the end of the day, we are also evolving organisms!


The Yoga of Interconnectedness: Yoga philosophy recognizes the interconnectedness of all living beings and the unity of nature. Darwin's theory of evolution, with its emphasis on common ancestry and the interconnectedness of species through shared descent, reflects this idea. His work revealed the interdependent relationships between organisms and their environments, highlighting the unity and connectedness of all life forms—a concept resonant with all the chakras, but especially Sahasrara, the crown chakra, where we see how we are all connected. Tantra, one lineage of yoga that was the background to all my early training, means 'loom,' or 'weave.' It is a non-dual philosophy that recognizes that all of life is a beautiful tapestry, woven together through all time. We get to experience this oneness when we do yoga in nature!


The Yoga of Adaptation and Growth: Yogic philosophy encourages personal growth, transformation, and adaptation. Similarly, Darwin's theory of natural selection proposed that organisms adapt to their environment over time through the process of evolution. We become better at being where we are through non-attachment and loving acceptance. As yogis, we are always considering what is working and what is not in our lives in its many facets. We learn to let go of habits, situations, and thought patterns that simply don't help us evolve into the highest (ahem, fittest) version of ourselves!

So, was Darwin a yogi? Maybe, maybe not. But his life's work certainly reflects our intention of spiritual, mental, and emotional transformation and evolution! That's why we're calling this Galapagos Islands Yoga retreat


Because that's what happens when we step out in the world for curiosity, fun, and adventure, and then bring it all to the mat to assimilate and experience at a deeper level.

Experience, enjoy, EVOLVE.

May you join me in paradise as we align our intention with Darwin's yoga of observation, awareness, interconnectedness, adaptation, and growth.

Much love

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