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You Can't Outsource Embodiment

Have you ever thought about how much is required to keep these bodies going? There are so many doctors, trainers, therapists, and instructors out there ready to help us keep this "earth suit" in tip-top shape!  And I'm so glad for all of them.  (Are you a wellness professional? Please take this SURVEY--I'd love to know!)


Personally, I love to strike a balance between knowing what I need in order to fix it myself, and putting myself in the hands of a pro that's ready to guide me to feeling better and knowing more. I don't intend to learn acupuncture, but I sure love the way it makes me feel! So I outsource that for sure. I have big thoughts and questions about my relationship with God, so I have a spiritual director for that. I also don't do blood work and I can't reach the tightness between my shoulderblades, so I have a doctor and massage therapist I see when the need is there.


My expertise is in yoga, specifically the chakras. So if I have an issue that I can see lines up with an imbalance in my system, I have tools and techniques at my disposal. This is why I'm so passionate about teaching the chakras--I believe we all have access to this intelligence.  We just might need some information, experience, and guidance for a little while. You can become your own best chakra practitioner! (That's officially a thing ;)


This week's PODCAST episode is all about embodiment. The wellness professionals you have in your Rolodex are the ones helping to keep you well when you're well and get better when you're not.  That's the first level of embodiment: simply taking good care of your "earth suit" with proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and medication, when needed. It's a first chakra thing.


From there, I believe embodiment switches into the realm of awareness and mindfulness. The question is, are you where your body is? Are you tasting what you're eating? Do you feel the sand beneath your feet, or are you thinking about something else while you're at the beach?  (In Episode 4 I have three suggestions for easily practicing embodiment right away.)


When you are fully present, fully embodied, you will become less anxious, fearful, or worrisome, as you realize in this moment, things are ok--you're alive. You're safe.


Over the next couple of episodes I’m going to talk about listening to the body’s signals and how to handle illness and injury while walking your path. We all encounter this at some point, so it’s good to have tools and awareness ready to go!  But for today, I just want you to think about your personal connection to your body, how you care for it, how you don’t, and your relationship to fear and a sense of safety and trust in the world.


And if you're feeling feeling as excited about understanding and using the chakra system as I am, and you can come to the Austin area, I think you will LOVE what's happening at Castle Hill Fitness on April 15: Chakra Savvy™ Weekend Immersion!  I'm taking what I know and distilling it down to what I believe is the most useful information and helpful tools to understand how to work with chakras on your own for wellness and healing. 


Saturday is Chakra Basics: The Foundation for Balance and Harmony, and is open to everyone with an "earth suit."  Sunday will be Practical Application of Chakra Theory for Wellness Professionals.  (Are you a wellness professional?). You can read all about it at the links, or send me an email and get your questions answered. The more I know what you wonder about, the more helpful I can be to you and others, so thank you! 


May you live your life fully embodied. May you call for guidance when needed, and may you hone your own healing skills through the lens of the chakras. 


Much love

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