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Let the Tinsel Settle

How long do we get to wish each other happy new year? I know there are some strong opinions out there about this (just ask Seinfeld).  Personally, I think we get to say it all month.  If we can't think of the year as new for four weeks, I think we have a problem trying to move on too quickly! 


And speaking of moving too quickly...a conversation I had recently made me think about New Year's Resolutions/Intentions/Words in a new and interesting way.  I now believe there is an argument to be made for holding off on big New Years intentions and themes for a little longer than we even wish each other happy new year.


I wonder if we need to let the tinsel and confetti settle down before our grand ideas emerge.


Don't get me wrong--I'm a HUGE fan of yearly intentions and themes. I have already chosen a word that will be a guide for me this year, and I usually prompt my classes to do the same.  You might recall I typically ponder them here in my blog.  Even just this week I held an intention-setting workshop for my Chakra Savvy students! Absolutely no regrets--simply expanding my thoughts around what this season is and can be.


To be in the rhythm of Life is to look at Mother Earth, at Nature, and see what she's up to.  And as I look around at the brown grass and leafless trees, I see she's not making any big statements or declaring her vision for 2023! She's quiet.  She's retracted.  She's letting things be as they are before she makes her move in the Spring to show us what she's been dreaming up in her slumber. 


You can even settle down right now with a long exhale.  Try pursing your lips and blowing out slowly as if your breath itself is settling all the holiday sparkles slowly to Earth. Do it three times and see how you feel. Do it several times a day and multiply the chill! 


So maybe in this new years month you can take your time.  Give yourself the gift of quiet listening for as long as it takes for your intuition to guide you to the next thing. There is simply no rush.  You wouldn't demand your tulips emerge any faster than they decide is right!  You, my dear, are a tulip :)


One thing I am excited about emerging this month is Chakra Savvy Yoga Practice at Castle Hill Fitness.   We have monthly practices set up through April, and each month has its own theme.  January is Setting Intentions, and we'll see what wisdom our intuition (Chakra 6) has to share with us about what that might be.  It's not even until January 22, so that's plenty of time to let the holiday energy settle down and the quiet voice within clear it's throat and prepare to be heard. It's open to all and will be a delightful way to spend a Sunday morning.


May you take your time, enjoy the quiet of a slow start to a new year, and let your intention emerge naturally like a tulip in spring time.


Much love,


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