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You Are Never Stuck

Well, it's finally here. For many parents, grandparents, caretakers, teachers, administrators, guardians, and students young and old, it's back to school. In the Goulding house, this meant a big change.


In case you don't know my brood, I have two high schoolers: Havia (sophomore) and Nate (junior). They have had a long and winding road in the education arena, as they have been home schooled, co-schooled, charter schooled, and now public schooled.  We have adapted their school choice to reflect the needs and values of our family at that moment in our lives, and it's been a really great journey.  


So it wasn't incredibly surprising that Nate decided to change schools this year.  His talents are emerging in the area of global history and economics, and he wanted to go to a school that focuses on that.  But to change at junior year!  


I could see the apprehension this morning.


So I had three things to tell him before he drove himself off to a new school in search of the education he really wants:

  1. "You're good at changing schools." (See story above!)
  2. "You're never stuck."
  3. "You always rise to the occasion." (This is actually true.)


It's #2 that stuck with me all day, and I realize it is a motto I love to live by.  It is what non-attachment and non-aversion looks like in real life!  Attachments keep us stuck in the familiar and the routine, somehow convincing us this is the only way to be, to live, or to go about something. Aversions keep us from having new experiences, taking risks, or trying new things.  It's like being stuck between things you can't let go of and things you are afraid of!


Doesn't that sound awful?


Thankfully, through the committed practices of self study, yoga, and meditation, we actively discover what these invisible handcuffs are, and we also find the key to set ourselves free. 


Perhaps this week, as your back-to-school homework, you can study your attachments and aversions by considering any part of life where you feel stuck.  Where does it seem you have no choice? What's a habit that has ahold of you, a relationship suffering a rut, or an obligation you feel can't escape?  (Granted, there are always things in our lives we just have to show up for, but that's not what I'm talking about right now.) Where in your body do you carry chronic tension or have excessive weakness?  This can give you great information for finding the key to your particular handcuffs (My quick and free Chakra Check-In Self Assessment  can help you get started!)


Personally, I'm practicing this non-attachment in a big way right now as I make our plans for getting back to the mat. You'll get to try out my new BIG DREAM starting September 1.


So SAVE THE DATE to sample what's coming in the Online Yoga Membership Virtual Open House, September 1-9. This begins our third year of open houses!  And they have proven to be the best way for you to discover what's new on the mat this season.  Cuz hey-- change is good, and you're not stuck.


And see you at Free Day of Yoga at 9:30am and 5:30pm on Labor Day! 


May you accept change with grace, stay unstuck in your world, and always rise to the occasion.


Much love,


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