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The Rest of the Story

Why, you may ask, do I want to do yoga about Mary Magdalene? 

Because to me, she is the rest of the story.

Growing up in the Christian church meant inheriting a spirituality and faith that was very yang, or masculine.  I saw at the pulpit men telling us what mostly men said and did many years ago and how and why it matters now.  This was enough for me...until I saw another way.

My yoga teachers were women. Wise women. They related all matter of heart-based concepts to our bodies.  We didn't just learn stories and study the way to live.  We placed it on our breath.  We drew from our open hearts in meditation.  We strengthened our courage as we strengthened our core.  We stretched our chest and shoulders along with our capacity for compassion.  For me, it was an embodied faith.  

Mary Magdalene is the embodiment of faith.  She was there the whole time--during Jesus' teaching, throughout his crucifixion, and she was the first to see him in resurrected from.  She is also misunderstood (spoiler alert--she's not a prostitute) and supremely wise.  She overcame the mental obstacles so many of us have and showed us a faith born in the heart, not the head. 

Some of you might call this blasphemy.  Some of you might tell me to stick to yoga! That's ok.  I'm going where my heart is leading me right now, and that's to share what I've learned in the only way I know how: yoga class.

Whether you identify as a man, a woman, or choosing nonbinary, you are invited to join me March 5.  The Divine Feminine is part of everyone.  My dear friend Nancy Herlin is sharing her wisdom with us as well as we walk a labyrinth.  You can learn all about this experience we're offering at www.jessgoulding.com/walk

May you open your mind and heart to the broad spectrum of experiences that might offer you the rest of the story. 

Much love,


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