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It Takes Two

Did you know I've been writing this blog/email every week since September, 2020?  Obviously if you've been a student of mine since before then you heard from me a lot previously, and I have missed a week here and there, but pretty much every Tuesday morning you can count on me showing up in your inbox with something to say, offer, question, or promote. And as we enter this month of gratitude, I am so very grateful for your readership, response, and engagement. Some of you I've known for over a decade, some of you just joined up through my podcast or a friend sharing an email. Regardless, there are now over a thousand of you who receive my missives, come to events, listen to my podcast, or study with me online. We are a strong bunch of yogis, and it is my immense pleasure and joy to connect with you here every week. So thank you for reading! 


This week I want to reiterate what Jess on the Mountain podcast episode 30 is all about, and invite you to two exciting chances to meet up in person.


First, in episode 30: Listen to Your Body, we have made it all the way back down the mountain to Muladhara, the Root Chakra. We are back at the base and once again asking, "What is my body telling me?" 


This is when I realized that embodiment is a two-step process that we repeat again and again (and get better at as we do!).


In order to live an embodied life and in harmony with our body's signals for health, balance, and well-being, we have to do two things:

☝️ Take notice.

 ✌️ Take action.


One without the other just doesn't work! If you notice your neck cramps up when it’s time to talk about a raise at work, but you don’t stop and listen to the signal and seek out a new way to address the situation, you’ll just keep getting neck cramps! Alternatively, if you keep doing the same habitual behaviours again and again without noticing the toll it's taking on your body, digestion, or mental health, you will only get sicker or in more pain as time goes by. And it will be a mystery to you! 


So this week I encourage you to practice some body scanning. It's a quick and simple way to take notice of how you're feeling so you can take action that's appropriate at that time.


Simply start at the crown of your head and notice if there's tension or ease. Slowly move down your body, going over your face, ears, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers. Notice your breath and if you're breathing shallow or deep, slow or staccato. Scan your spine, belly, hips, legs, and feet. Look for what feels good, notice where you hold tension or discomfort. 


From there, what action can you take to cultivate even more ease in your body? Does a deep breath sound good? Do you need a quick stretch or brisk walk to open things back up? Is your body giving you stress signals to slow down or let go of something? It really is this simple and this profound. 


These are things we do in every yoga class in some way, shape, or form.  And if it's been a while for you, or you would welcome the chance to do this with others on this path, I have two exciting opportunities for you local/semi-local yogis to get together, practice, and have some fun. 


☝️ Yoga Community Gathering, (Yoga + Sound + Snacks) Saturday, December 2, 12:30-2:30pm at Balance Dance Studios. These gatherings were a lifeblood for us during Covid. I don't see a reason why they wouldn't be just as fun now! Plus, Cafe Malta is bringing snacks, so what's not to love? Step out of the holiday craze and onto your mat with other fun-loving yogis like you :)


✌️ Blossom & Bliss: Women's Yoga Retreat for Springtime Renewal. April 12-14 at Retreat Ranch in Marble Falls, TX.  I'm still riding high from our AMAZING experience of the WonderFULL retreat, and am so excited to know we're going back in 6 months! This retreat sold out last time, so check out the accommodations, put down your deposit, and know that when the wildflowers are in bloom, you will be in bliss!


Hey--you could stop right now, do a body scan, and see how your system responds to thinking about getting together this season and next. I bet you'll feel as sweetly delighted as I am! (And if you're an online student--be patient. More to come that's just for you :)


May you endeavor for a life of health, balance, and well-being, and may you enjoy your embodiment, both on your own and in community. 


Much love

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