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Overwhelmed? Rekindle Your Flame

How busy are you these days? Is life feeling pretty full and fast? I’m with you! This is when the things I need to do, have to do, and want to do all start getting mixed up and more than a few things fall through the cracks. Sometimes, the first to go are the things that I know need to stay in place. In case you’re like me, let’s remember together.


When life gets busy, we have to double down on minding our health and good habits. 


I had a student once say to me that she “and Beyonce have the same amount of time each day, it just depends on what they do with it.” I’m not sure what the connection to Beyonce is…perhaps we could all be queens and rock stars if we wanted to? Regardless, the sentiment stuck with me. We each get the same 24 hours. We can DO THIS.


From working one to one with hundreds of clients and students over the years, I’ve learned that, for most of us, when we get busy and stressed, we drop the...

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