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3 Keys to Life on Purpose

Yes–this blog is late. I like running things like clockwork, but sometimes you gotta go off of schedule for a bit, no? We just finished up four days and nights of fun and friendship when my bestie and her three kids visited to kick off the summer together. I hope yours was what you wanted as well! 


One thing that didn’t get bumped was this week’s Jess on the Mountain podcast episode 16: How to Live On PurposeI really enjoyed reflecting on living on purpose, and what that looks like. I realized that, to me, it doesn’t only mean living your “life purpose,” as in that one special passionate thing for each of us.  It’s lived out in everyday moments, and the more these everyday moments are done with purpose, the more it is that no matter what you are doing with your one precious life, the more it will align with the highest good for you and for those whose lives you touch. 


I narrow this “life on purpose” intention down to three main places to have purpose, which I believe provide three opportunities for meaningful living:

  •  Thought
  • Word
  • Deed


You’ve likely heard these words grouped together before. This trio is mentioned in Buddhism, Christianity, and pervades the Yamas and Niyamas, written in the Yoga Sutras. Well, I’m adding a chakra conversation to the mix, as you’ll hear in this week’s podcast episode


Likely we all have one or two of these areas of thought, word, and deed, were we maintain a strong purpose. For example, some people are really good at understanding their own thoughts and habitual thinking patterns, and they know how to keep things on the bright side.  Others speak with intention, and their words are a healing balm in our families and communities. But things can go awry when thoughts, words, or deeds are out of alignment with our highest selves. 


In my upcoming workshop, Life on Purpose,  we will look at these three areas through the lens of the chakras. We’ll do some grounding chakra yoga, then take a dive into each area of our life and see where we have blocks to our potential, our joy, and our fulfillment. I’m thinking of it as a fun chakra system excavation!


I’m hosting this workshop three times in order to create the best chance possible for everyone to join us. But if that still doesn’t get you to a place where you can participate, no problem! Simply join the Chakra Savvy FREE One Week Trial and you can do the workshop on your time, as it will be posted to the online library.  You’ll also access the whole Chakra One module for a week, June 11-18.  This way you can see if the format and classes are as exciting to you as they were to the last two cohorts:


“That was incredible. I am opening to the Light and things are shifting! That practice was like nourishing nectar to my SOUL!!! Namaste!” – Rebecca 


“There is SO MUCH wisdom in the reading and the way you weave these concepts together.” – Becky 


So THINK about your life alignment, TELL me you want to know more, and DO get into the Life on Purpose workshop!

Much love

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