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How To Make Decisions You Can Believe In

Do you sometimes struggle with making decisions?  I know I do, and there seem to be more and more decisions to make every day.  Sure, we still have the simple ones like what to wear and where to go out to eat. But then there's the bigger ones, like will it be safe?  Do I need to wear a mask?  Should I travel right now?  Is this still the job I want?  What should I tell my loved ones about x, y, z, and will they understand? 

I went to a Hanukkah party recently that made it clear to me we're all still deciding things.  The party was indoor and outdoor.  Some people wore masks, some did not.  Some chose not to come.  Some said "hi" but kept their distance.  And you know what?  All of those decisions were fine and acceptable.  The host family made it clear that all personal decisions were valid and welcome.  They even provided a basket of masks for those who wanted one but didn't have one.  So cool.

I think the problem comes when we doubt ourselves and our decisions.  We can fret not only about what it is we should do, but also about what we think others will think about us.  It can be easy to second-guess a simple or complex decision alike.  Whenever I take a question I'm pondering to my mentor, she almost always responds with,

"Have you taken it to your practice?"

What she's saying is, you have the answers within you. Have you asked your inner wise self?  

One of my favorite things about yoga is how it does change our state to be able to listen better.  Right there, in the second Yoga Sutra, is the definition of yoga as the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.  There's lots to expand on there, but for our decision-making purposes, it's enough to know that when you do yoga, you have the chance to quiet the mind-stuff chatter.  You can jump off that hampster wheel of what-if or should-I, and really hear the truth of what you deeply already know.  It's a muscle that you have to work out, but it's so worth it! 

So I challenge you this week to notice when you have a question, decision, or doubt, and take it to your mat.  Sit and get centered, then ask your question.  Do some movement to get the ya-ya's out (even three calm rounds of Sun Salutations can do the trick!), then focus on your deep, slow breathing.  Put your attention in your heart, then ask your question.  Then listen.  Don't judge.  Let the truth bubble up from the inside.

Next week we'll go over what to do next :)

May you always remember the truth is within you, and it's only a few breaths away.

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