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The Mind-Body-Life Connection

I'm sitting at my little desk in my home yoga studio, and I'm thinking about the mind-body connection.  Nick and I just talked for a couple hours about what chakras are and why I work with them, etc.  And it's not because I was explaining things to him.  He was doing most of the talking, and it's everything I needed to hear.  

You see, I have been learning and thinking about the chakras for so long, I see the complicated interplay, I know the history, I know they're not something to "fix," and you can't poke them with a stick.  And yet there they are.  A beautiful map of...of what? I was having trouble getting to the basic idea of what's going on here and why it works.

Nick said it: mind-body connection.  


If you've reached adulthood and have any amount of personal reflection and self awareness, you know you have patterns.  You know you keep doing something that isn't helpful, and is possibly hurtful.  I'll give you an example from my life:

About 15 years ago Nick and I were having an argument.  He pointed out to me that I frequently blame him for things that aren't really his fault.  It stopped me in my tracks.  I realized, "Holy cow. I totally do that."  

Then I started thinking about where in the body the "blame game" resides, and it's often considered a 5th chakra deficiency.  Well, that's always been my problem area!  When I was a dancer, it was pointed out to me that I hold a lot of tension in my neck. When I was a little kid I had whiplash.  When I was in middle school I went to a chiropractor because my cervical spine curved the opposite way it should.  When I was in a chakra yoga training and we chanted the seed sound of chakra 5 over and over and over, it made me cry. 

CLEARLY, there's something going on here.  

I think the mind-body connection phrase isn't enough.  I propose we call it a mind-body-life connection.  Because what happens in the mind and body affects our LIVES!  It gets expressed in the world, whether or not we want it to or know it's happening. 

So we have a choice: Either we don't realize what's happening and don't make those connections and just keep repeating the same argument or the same harmful behavior again and again,


we learn to listen to what our body and our life is telling us and actually do something about it.   

THAT is the invitation of Chakra Savvy.  It's a chance for those life-changing "aha!" moments.  But I wouldn't just leave you there with the aha! and nothing to do about it.  I am teaching almost all the techniques and practices I know to help bring awareness, transformation, and balance.  Not every tool is going to be your favorite.  But many will be. 

One student in the first cohort realized she had never really "been in her feet" in a long time, and that was affecting everything else.  I didn't TELL her that--she realized it through the practices!  She is now solidly in her feet and happy to be there. (Chakra one: check!) She's joining again this year to see what's next.

You're hearing a lot from me these days because I want you to know the value of this course, and I only offer it once a year.  And while we're all still in this weird pandemic-turning-endemic world of shifts and changes, we should take it on a personal level and create the space for personal transformation as well.  

The course starts Monday.  Let's do this. 

May you live in a state of mind-body-life connection that is full of useful aha! moments, and may you empower yourself with the tools to create real positive change.

Much love,


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