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The Mind-Body-Life Connection

I'm sitting at my little desk in my home yoga studio, and I'm thinking about the mind-body connection.  Nick and I just talked for a couple hours about what chakras are and why I work with them, etc.  And it's not because I was explaining things to him.  He was doing most of the talking, and it's everything I needed to hear.  

You see, I have been learning and thinking about the chakras for so long, I see the complicated interplay, I know the history, I know they're not something to "fix," and you can't poke them with a stick.  And yet there they are.  A beautiful map of...of what? I was having trouble getting to the basic idea of what's going on here and why it works.

Nick said it: mind-body connection.  


If you've reached adulthood and have any amount of personal reflection and self awareness, you know you have patterns.  You know you keep doing something that isn't helpful, and is possibly...

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My Favorite Yoga Tools to Stay Sane Through the Holidays

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Online Yoga Classes

Yoga is everywhere now!  And its presence online is growing.   Now you not only have choices of teachers and styles at your local studio, but also  from the whole WORLD.  So there is a lot to consider!  In this blog post, I aim to help you narrow it down with these

5 questions I suggest you ask yourself when deciding on your online yoga classes.

I go into this in depth in this week's PODCAST , but here's the quickie 5 for you here right now:


1) Why do I get on my mat? Think back to what got you in to yoga in the first place.  Has that changed? What draws you to yoga now? Tune in to the podcast to find out what your fellow students said in response to that question in my survey! 


2) When is the right time of day for me to do my yoga practice?  Maybe this depends on your work schedule, maybe it's when you have energy. Think for a bit and picture your yoga day happy place.



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