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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Online Yoga Classes

Yoga is everywhere now!  And its presence online is growing.   Now you not only have choices of teachers and styles at your local studio, but also  from the whole WORLD.  So there is a lot to consider!  In this blog post, I aim to help you narrow it down with these

5 questions I suggest you ask yourself when deciding on your online yoga classes.

I go into this in depth in this week's PODCAST , but here's the quickie 5 for you here right now:


1) Why do I get on my mat? Think back to what got you in to yoga in the first place.  Has that changed? What draws you to yoga now? Tune in to the podcast to find out what your fellow students said in response to that question in my survey! 


2) When is the right time of day for me to do my yoga practice?  Maybe this depends on your work schedule, maybe it's when you have energy. Think for a bit and picture your yoga day happy place.


3) How important is it to me to practice live? So many of you have said how much it helps to know that others are practicing with you, even if you can't see them!  And there are certainly those of you for whom yoga time is completely flexible. Both are valid! 


4)  What kind of teacher do I resonate with? Teachers are unique in their message, their training, the space they create, and where they put emphasis.  Some are brilliant with smaller groups, and some shine with larger gatherings.  Some teachers fill the room with music and some let the breath be the soundtrack.  In my opinion, there are no right or wrong answers here--it’s simply your preference!


5) What kind of yoga is right for me? Consider if you feel balanced after a strong flow class, or if holding postures helps build focus, or if a mild practice that helps you relax and restore helps you stay sane. Perhaps you love a good theme, or if you prefer “just the facts ma'am.” Maybe you want a little this and a touch of that--again, there’s no wrong answer here!  


Of course, I want to be that teacher and I want to teach those classes, so I'm offering you a taste of full class line-up for FREE !  I'm pulling back the curtain so you can try it before you buy it.  Simply sign up for my Virtual Open House HERE.


May you tune in to your deepest desires, listen to your heart, and follow your knowing to the yoga that is perfect for you in this time. 


Much love,


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