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Something's Blooming

I am back from an AMAZING retreat experience at Blossom & Bliss Women's Yoga Retreat. We really couldn't have asked for better weather, better hosts, or better connections. The whole weekend was about what's blooming in our lives, and we discovered something that I found quite interesting:


Something is always blooming, but it's not always joyful. 


When I was planning our intention for the retreat, I had thought to focus on what's blooming, as in what's good and going well. And we did do that. But it turns out we were more confronted by things that occupy our mind and need our attention. The things that are making us stop and inhale for a moment. For some of us, change and transition was in bloom, for others it was recognition of sadness, or that it's time to move on from something. These experiences lend their own bouquet to life, and they are as a part of life as the joy and celebrations are. 


As I was driving home from our weekend, I couldn't help but again notice the amazing wildflower season we're having this year. All along the highway, things were in full bloom. And the flowers were changing. White flowers replaced the bluebonnets, and others I can't name were opening up in their own time and place. We can't rush a flower to bloom, and we can't speed through tough times. But we can pause, take a deep breath, and recognize that life, in full bloom, has the full spectrum of sadness to joy, and each has their time in the sun. And many bloom at the same time. 


So what is blooming in your life right now? What is asking you to stop and inhale its fragrance? Can you allow the sorrow to smell as sweet as a daisy, right alongside the lilac's happy perfume? In life's full bouquet, all the flowers belong.


And speaking of blooming, the theme of DELIGHT continues to blossom in this week's podcast Episode 38: PranaShakti™ Dance and Moving the Subtle Body with Dr. Deb Kern. She is by far one of my most influential teachers, and I know you'll love her like I do. In this conversation, we'll dive deep into the transformative power of dance and its ability to liberate stagnant energy, paving the way for delight and divine embodiment. Listen through the end for a delightful treat! 


May you inhale the full bouquet of your life, and may you recognize today what's blooming for you. 

Much love

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