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Something's Blooming

I am back from an AMAZING retreat experience at Blossom & Bliss Women's Yoga Retreat. We really couldn't have asked for better weather, better hosts, or better connections. The whole weekend was about what's blooming in our lives, and we discovered something that I found quite interesting:


Something is always blooming, but it's not always joyful. 


When I was planning our intention for the retreat, I had thought to focus on what's blooming, as in what's good and going well. And we did do that. But it turns out we were more confronted by things that occupy our mind and need our attention. The things that are making us stop and inhale for a moment. For some of us, change and transition was in bloom, for others it was recognition of sadness, or that it's time to move on from something. These experiences lend their own bouquet to life, and they are as a part of life as the joy and celebrations are. 


As I was driving home from our weekend, I couldn't...

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Loving Through the Darkness

Holy bluebonnets, ya'll! It's CRAZY out there! If you are anywhere near the Texas Hill Country, you know what I'm talking about. These days I'm super thankful to Ladybird Johnson for making sure our highways were lined by wildflowers, because as she said, 


"Where wildflowers bloom, there's hope." 


For many around the world, this week is a testament to that hope. Nature provides us with the cycles of life, death, and rebirth, as you see in any patch of wildflowers, and as you watch the changing of the seasons. During the Christian Holy Week, this cycle is celebrated through the observance of Palm Sunday bringing Life, Good Friday bringing death, and Easter Sunday bringing rebirth. 


As timing would have it, in this week's podcast episode, Primal Wisdom and Pleasure Activism,  you can enjoy my conversation with Scout Chavers, a doula and midwife here in Austin. She is very familiar with the cycles of life, and she beautifully describes what it...

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Love, Fear, and Wildflowers

fear love media wildflowers May 02, 2023

Welcome to May! The wildflowers are still happy and blooming here in Central Texas. The morning air is cool and the sun is bright. Everywhere I look I see the Earth is celebrating coming through that icy February storm. Things are unusually lush in the ATX. 


Which is why it seems crazy that I'm going away from all of this for a rejuvenating retreat in Chacala, Mexico with my Prana Shakti dance teacher, Dr. Deb Kern, all next week. But just like Mother Earth is looking refreshed after a long winter’s nap, we, too, need to refill our cups from time to time. This is how I will let go of my efforts from the past six months, and refill with new, refreshed energy for the next six months–when I’ll be with many of you as you refresh under the October full moon at WonderFULL! 


Because how can we pour out if we don’t pour in?


That’s just how it is! Except in the case of love. Love is different. By pouring it out, we actually get...

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