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A Clean Slate

Are you feeling that forward motion energy out there?  The New Year brings such new hope and bright ideas to the surface. There's something about flipping that virtual calendar to a new year that feels like a clean slate.  


And yet, we never really are clean slates, no matter what the calendar says.


Our patterns, memories, identities, and ego structures follow us from calendar year to calendar year. This is only a problem, however, if it's a problem. Some of our patterns are really good!  You might have a pattern of stopping and thinking before you respond to someone.  Your pattern might be early bedtimes and rising at dawn to meditate and journal.  You might see yourself for what you truly are (which is perfect, whole, and complete).  You might show up right away when a friend is in distress or there's a pet that needs adopting.  Heck, hopefully you at least have the pattern of brushing your teeth every day.  


However, experiences sometimes create patterns in us that we'd rather not keep.  That might be avoiding new relationships because you've been hurt in the past.  It could be becoming defensive of your opinions because something inside you wants some validation. Maybe your heart is heavy from experiencing grief, or your mind is disturbed from feeling overwhelmed, and at some point you started to avoid your feelings by numbing with Netflix or wine. 


Hey, this is all totally normal.  But it doesn't have to be your normal.


Your normal gets to be whatever you decide you want it to be.  But first, you better let go of some of those patterns, thoughts, excuses, or experiences that are keeping you in the same loop, day after day or month after month.  


I invite you to take a look at them with me and start opening up a future for yourself that is empowered, knowledgeable, and intuitive.  We are going to get a kick start on the letting go portion in my upcoming workshop,


New Year Reboot: Chakra Yoga for Letting Go and Moving Forward. 


Is this 2 hour workshop going to solve all your problems and give you that clean slate you're dreaming of?



Is it going to ask the right questions, give the right tools, and create the right space to get the journey started or pick up where you left off?



So if you’ve ever…  

…felt stuck in an area of your life that used to flow.

 … wished you could release the habits or patterns, memories or mindsets that hold you back. 

… wondered how the chakra system works to help you let go of stagnation and get excited about life again.


Well, you’ll be in the right place at this online yoga workshop. 


It's free and you have three dates to choose from.  It's always best to show up live, but if you can't, you'll receive a link to enjoy the replay for a limited time.  Sign up today Jessica, and let's get started on wiping the slate clean in a real and proven way. 


[Word cloud image comes from students' words when describing what they are feeling about getting ready for the New Year of 2022.]

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