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You Are a Creative Creator (Yes you are!)

I was recently reminded that we are all creative creators. Yep! That means you are too.  

I don’t mean all are able to draw, or paint, or sculpt, although I’m sure some in this community are brilliant at those things.  I mean make something happen from nothing. Everyone can move the material world from a void, to a vision, to a manifestation.  I’m just here to remind you, because I was recently reminded. 


Last week I interviewed my dear friend Kelly Emmert for Jess on the Mountain, episode 11. She is the visionary and energy behind The Art Garage here in Austin, Texas, and she reminded me how much the creative process is part of all of us.  She had a vision of her art studio from an early age, and with persistence and patience she has brought it into the world for creative hands of all ages to make art, have fun, and relax.  


Creativity--creation-- is a chakra two endeavor. This energetic center located at your sacral plexus and pelvic bowl is responsible for you birthing things into the world. It’s the place that desires rise up and make themselves known.  It is the seat of the creative stirrings that eventually take shape as a vision and finally a reality. 


And that reality looks different for every idea and every person who has that idea. You may already know you’re a creative person, and if so, fantastic! Keep going–the world needs you doing that thing you were meant to do with this one great life you have.


If you doubt for a moment that you’re creative, consider a few ways to think about how creativity might show up that aren’t as obvious as fine arts and design. 


Do you


Create solutions to problems?

Decorate your home?

Create opportunities for others to excel or expand?

Put ingredients together for a meal?

Create and foster meaningful relationships?

Generate new ideas for income streams for your home or business?

Find ways to make life better for your family, pets, or friends?

Design your own backyard haven?

Come up with sequences of code, yoga postures, or songs in a playlist?

Throw great parties?

Write beautiful thank-you notes?

Create spreadsheets that make sense of facts and figures, and maybe even have a little flair?

Put together the perfect outfit for any occasion?


The list is endless!


Think of anything in your life where there was nothing, then you employed your will, and then there was something. 


Embrace your inner creator! Keep creating!


Kelly's interview will draw out that inner creator and inspire you to take steps, have patience, give yourself grace, persevere, and enjoy the journey as you go.


And speaking of going on a journey--how about a WonderFULL journey? October 27-29 is my Women's Retreat for Full Moon Radiance, and it's almost full! There are just a few accommodations waiting for you to put down your deposit and commit to a fantastic weekend in the Texas Hill Country, so get in there! 


It's my intention to create a wonderful experience for all of us. The property at Retreat Ranch speaks for itself. It's going to be magical.


May you embrace your inner creator, fill with wonder, and be happy today and always.

Much love


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