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Geese are gonna geese + lessons from Season One

Can you believe I'm still on the road? Happily landed now at Lake Okoboji, Iowa. And I'm excited to be back on the mat and in blogland. I taught two Zoom classes from here, which was a fun change of scenery. The fog this morning lent itself to some beautiful imagery--more on that another time. 


Yesterday I had a beautiful kayak ride through the quiet canal near our house. Do you know the sound geese make when they're slurping up water and weeds? I didn't either. The best I can describe it is like lots of bubbles quietly popping. I just loved it! And they didn't seem to mind me staring at them from my kayak. I can imagine their geese minds thinking, "What's with this lady? We're trying to eat here!" But they at least didn't let on to their discomfort. They just kept on being geese.


Is that what it's like to live without ego? You just notice things, wonder, and then keep going? Do you think they got into the comparison game of who floats better, kayaks or...

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You Are a Creative Creator (Yes you are!)

I was recently reminded that we are all creative creators. Yep! That means you are too.  

I don’t mean all are able to draw, or paint, or sculpt, although I’m sure some in this community are brilliant at those things.  I mean make something happen from nothing. Everyone can move the material world from a void, to a vision, to a manifestation.  I’m just here to remind you, because I was recently reminded. 


Last week I interviewed my dear friend Kelly Emmert for Jess on the Mountain, episode 11. She is the visionary and energy behind The Art Garage here in Austin, Texas, and she reminded me how much the creative process is part of all of us.  She had a vision of her art studio from an early age, and with persistence and patience she has brought it into the world for creative hands of all ages to make art, have fun, and relax.  


Creativity--creation-- is a chakra two endeavor. This energetic center located at your...

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