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Geese are gonna geese + lessons from Season One

Can you believe I'm still on the road? Happily landed now at Lake Okoboji, Iowa. And I'm excited to be back on the mat and in blogland. I taught two Zoom classes from here, which was a fun change of scenery. The fog this morning lent itself to some beautiful imagery--more on that another time. 


Yesterday I had a beautiful kayak ride through the quiet canal near our house. Do you know the sound geese make when they're slurping up water and weeds? I didn't either. The best I can describe it is like lots of bubbles quietly popping. I just loved it! And they didn't seem to mind me staring at them from my kayak. I can imagine their geese minds thinking, "What's with this lady? We're trying to eat here!" But they at least didn't let on to their discomfort. They just kept on being geese.


Is that what it's like to live without ego? You just notice things, wonder, and then keep going? Do you think they got into the comparison game of who floats better, kayaks or geese? Did they feel threatened by my bright colors or stealth-like rowing? I kinda think not. So I'm going to hold this image in my mind as an example of simply observing life and letting it be. We are reminded all the time in so many Wisdom traditions that suffering comes from wishing things were different from the way they are. Geese are gonna geese, kayakers are kayak, and let it go at that.


One thing I was thinking about on my little kayak adventure was the guests I had on Jess on the Mountain, Season One. The Wisdom traditions hand down to us so many beautiful teachings, but sometimes they're easier to see and understand in a more contemporary context.


Here are some of my favorite lessons from season one guests:

Episode 7 with Chelsea Cohen: In emotional situations, find the Middle Path. When you have an urge, surf it till it passes. It's ok to use coping skills.

Episode 11 with Kelly Emmert: Create and make your own path! Stick with it, and you will manifest your dreams.

Episode 14 with Wendy Vickery: Follow your gut! Pay close attention to what your body and spirit are telling you.

Episode 19 with Amanda Green: Practice meditation and you can develop a new skill, deepen insight, heal a wound, and just be. Think about why you're meditating to get the most out of it!


From geese to Sutras to great conversations with friends, Wisdom is all around us! It's your yoga that helps you pay attention.


May you be inspired by nature, release your ego, investigate Wisdom, and see all of life as a beautiful tapestry for insights and enlightenment.


Much love


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