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A Little Parental Advice

Do you have a favorite piece of advice that came from a trusted source? Did they always make sense? I got tons of advice from both of my parents. Good stuff from my mom like stand up straight, napkin in lap, don’t try to change a man, write thank-you notes, eat breakfast, take care of your neighbors, get really good at something, wear lipstick, and shut up and have fun. I took it all in, and I appreciate the wisdom and pithiness every day! 


I also got advice from my dad, which was a little less straightforward and more open to interpretation.  In this week’s podcast season finale, I share with you three pieces of advice from my dad that connect the head to the heart (sahasrara to anahata!) and, as it turns out, can be found in the Yoga Sutras:


Don’t put your happiness in someone else’s hands.  (This one came from a third-grade breakup.) 

Don’t let your shorts catch on fire. (This one was when I was dating in high school.)

Marry the rocking chair.  (This one showed up when I was dating in my 20's.) 


Yes, they probably mean what you think they mean. But interestingly enough, I found they each had elements of similar truths written about in the Yoga Sutras!


Here's what the Sutras would say about his advice:

Maintain your own happiness by using the Locks and Keys:

  • Maitri: Be friendly to happy people.
  • Mudita: Delight in successful people.
  • Karuna: Have compassion for sad or unfortunate people.
  • Upeksa:  Disregard the haters.


Practice Brahmacharya and prevent much heartache:  Brahmacharya generally refers to the practice of celibacy, restraint, or moderation in relation to sexual energy and desires. It encourages individuals to use their sexual energy wisely and channel it towards spiritual pursuits rather than indulging in excessive or inappropriate sexual behavior.


Choose a life mate (community, or sangha) you can enjoy and talk to for life. While the Yoga Sutras do not extensively elaborate on the concept of community or sangha, they acknowledge its significance indirectly by emphasizing the importance of associating with like-minded individuals.


 Who knew dad was a yogi on the mountain? Listen to the full episode for the whole story on all three of these little gems. I'll be back August 28 for season two.


I may be taking a summer hiatus from the podcast, but that doesn't mean I'm stepping away entirely. I'm creating a fun summer pastime in the Jess G Yoga Facebook Group. It's called Sunflower School, because a sunflower turns towards the light all summer long. Every Monday I'm going to drop a link or two for your enjoyment and conversation. The theme for July is Happy and Free, and it's all about the four Locks and Keys to happiness. August is Meditate and Chill, and we'll discuss four different kinds of meditation. I'm pulling my favorite things from the archives, and I'm anticipating sharing funny stories and aha! moments. Sunflower School is free, casual, and takes about ten minutes a week. Zero pressure!


I'd say the BIGGEST chatter I'm in these days, though, is about the Galapagos Islands! So many of you have reached out telling me about what an amazing trip it is--truly one of a kind. Here's a snapshot from the website:


"Set in the highlands just 15 minutes from town, we’ll sleep like babies listening to the birds in the morning and watching the giant tortoises that roam the property. Semilla Verde is private, quiet, and fully equipped with a beautiful yoga room and terraces with views to the coast. Each morning, we’ll enjoy breakfast together and then begin our daily explorations!


Some places we’ll visit:


A day trip to Bartolome Island, the crown jewel of Galapagos. Some features include Pinnacle Rock, crescent beaches, Galapagos penguins, white tipped reef sharks, sea turtles, guided snorkeling, and hiking. Lunch is served on board our tour boat, and we’ll return to Semilla Verde for evening yoga and dinner.


A day trip to North Seymour Island, where we might see great frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, land iguanas, sea lions during our guided snorkeling and naturalist-guided hiking excursions.


An excursion to Tortuga Bay where we can kayak, snorkel, and hang out with the marine iguanas.


The Charles Darwin Station / Puerto Ayora where we have the option to shop for souvenirs, and have a drink in the red mangrove patio with the iguanas and sea lions.


A Santa Cruz highland tour where we can explore the lava tunnels, a cloud forest, and Los Gamelos (two giant craters that were formed when the magma chamber underground emptied and the land caved in).


A morning at Garrapatero Beach for snorkelling, swimming, exploring, beach yoga, and relaxing.



A visit to the South Plazas Islands, home to one of the largest sea lion colonies in Galapagos as well as red-billed tropical birds, swallow-tailed gulls, and more endemic wildlife."



There are some beautiful accommodations just waiting for you to be swept away and start your adventure! Check out the One Yoga Global website for details and registration. 



 So, my friend, may you heed good advice, turn towards the light, and say yes to life's great adventures, today and everyday.


Much love

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