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Object Meditation and Evolution

I’m a bit hyper as I write this, because I am so excited to share two things: One is my recent interview with Amanda Green about object meditation and chakra six, and the other is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to combine adventure, yoga, and both the spirit and reality of evolution. 


First, on episode 19 of Jess on the Mountain, I talk to a woman I have known for many years, and have been a big fan of for just as many.  She is the real deal when it comes to understanding the sutras, meditation, and transformation. I was encouraged to reach out to Amanda several years ago when I was studying with Chase Bossart during my Yoga Therapy training at Yoga Yoga. He saw a couple of kindred spirits, encouraged us to get together, and he was right.  She’s one of those people with whom you get together and go deep and go fast. So I was thrilled when I invited her on the podcast and she was all in.  There are many takeaways from this rich conversation that I hope you listen to and enjoy, and here are a couple I can share with you now.


In this chat, she talks about how there are four reasons, as laid out in the ancient text of the Yoga Sutras, that one would take on and benefit from meditation:

  1.  To heal a wound, or overcome something.
  2. To develop a new skill.
  3. To deepen insight, or gain wisdom.
  4. To be. 


Do you see yourself and your desires in any of these reasons to meditate? I know I do! 

I had her on as a sixth chakra guest because Ajna is the realm of meditation, visualization, and intuition. One of the boons I came away with from Yoga Therapy training was an understanding of object meditation, and the radical shifts one can make when they put in the time to do it. (You’ve read and heard me talk about this on a previous blog and podcast, but it bears repeating.) In this week’s podcast episode, we talk about when you need a guide (like a yoga therapist ;), and when you can play with this idea on your own. 


If you’re looking for deep tissue and long-standing pattern stuff, you’re going to want a guide alongside you. It’s so hard to see our own stuff! We’re so in it, we can’t always see what’s real and what’s our own protective illusions. But sometimes, like when you just want to change a mood or experience, you can absolutely harness the power of object meditation to create beneficial change and pull yourself in a new direction. 


For example, if you find yourself dragged down by the negative influences of the world and are having trouble seeing the good and the light, you can meditate on how a sunflower follows the sun by turning towards the light. In the quiet of your meditation, simply observe the flower in its journey of following the sun over the course of the day, and over time you, too, will find yourself turning towards the light. 

Or if you’re finding yourself adrift, lacking a firm foundation, and life is constantly changing and you’re ready for some stability, you can meditate on the image of a mountain. Over time, you will begin to take on those qualities of steadiness, sturdiness, and stillness. (Be careful though! As Amanda shares, too much of a good thing can become its own hindrance!)

But let’s say you’re finding yourself ready for adventure. Your curiosity about life and your desire to experience all of it and the beauty of nature and how we evolve is knocking on your door, then you just might need to make some plans. 


I have exactly what you need!


I am thrilled to announce that March 2-9, 2024, I get to take 15 yogis to

Galapagos Island with One Yoga Global! 


Some rooms have already been snapped up before this hit the press, so there are now 12 spots available for this magical yoga vacation. Take a look at the accommodations and itinerary, and I know you’ll be ready to hit the road, air, and sea to get to this beautiful and unique place in the world. This is a great trip for couples, partners, and friends as most rooms are doubles. 


Visualize yourself swimming with sea turtles and snorkeling with seals, and I think you’ll get the idea of how object meditation can transport you to new and higher highs–dare I say, EVOLVE you. (But this one can actually come true!)

Laura at One Yoga Global is ready and waiting to field your questions and book your stay.  But don’t delay! These retreats always sell out.

And so may you, through a balanced Ajna, see clearly your patterns and illusions, and may you find the right meditation and practice to pierce the veil and discover greater inner harmony and peace, and may you embark on an adventure to the Galapagos Islands, evolving you in mind, body, and spirit.


Much love


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