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When Props Expire

I was recently giving my indoor plants some TLC, which had me looking at Georgia's amazing growth, and there was a little surprise waiting for me.  (Georgia is the fiddle fig tree that appears in all my online videos.) Since I received her back in 2020, she has had two sticks and a post to support her and help her stay standing.  I went to check these support sticks, and realized they were completely loose and unnecessary! I don't know when she made the transition from wobbly to strong, but there she is, able to hold herself high. 


I know tons of slow and tedious growth happens while we think there's nothing going on, but this seemed like a lot. It got me thinking, where else have I experienced growth that was so slow and quiet it went unnoticed?  Where can I let go of some unneeded support that was once a helpful crutch but is no longer necessary?


I see this happen all the time in yoga classes.  Students who, when they started yoga, needed a block to reach the floor in triangle pose, or needed a strap to reach their foot, no longer need these props to help them--but they don't realize it.  The props have become part of them, and their requirement isn't questioned. Have you tried letting go of some habitual propping yet?


Sometimes the prop is less obvious because it's in meditation.  Perhaps you believe you have to set a timer, light a candle, do some specific movement or set number of breaths, because for a long time this has worked well to get you settled enough to direct your mind. Have you considered, though, that there is now a well-worn path in your mind that is a direct lane to stillness?  What if you shed the tools and went straight for the silence? 


This "de-propping" is worth looking into in every area of life! Do you use manipulative words or passive avoidance as props to get what you want, when asking a direct question or posing your objection honestly might actually work better? Are gifts or compliments props to help you feel important in a relationship, when just showing up as yourself is quite enough? What about superstitions that make you feel safe, when you've actually learned to trust the Universe and you don't need them anymore?


If you've done any decent amount of svadyaya, or self-study, then you might not realize how far you've come and how strong you are! Simple awareness of ourselves and our playbook in body, mind, and spirit makes us stronger everyday, little by little.  So I encourage you this week to seek out those props and try letting them go.  You can keep them nearby, but realize they might be past their expiration date. (Then again, they may not! There's no shame in a yoga blanket supporting you when you need it!)


Let me know how it goes! 


Much love,


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