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Letting Go and Moving Forward

Last week's Christmas holidays meant there was a lot of family, fun, games, gifts and gluttony over at the Goulding house, I must admit. I hope your holiday time is also charged with the beauty of the season.  And if this time of year is hard for you, I'm sending you love and courage.  You are not alone, regardless of what it seems like out there.  And if you're missing someone special, extra hugs to you as well.  


Frankly, we could probably all use some extra hugs. As we all know, these last couple of years have been a DOOZY, and there’s stuff we could all release from that time in order to move forward better. 


To me, moving forward doesn’t mean running away.  It simply means continuing on with courage, wisdom, and hope.


I think we also realize there’s no “going back” to the way things were, and yet a “new normal” still doesn’t seem quite possible.  This is when yoga is most helpful!  We engage with our body, mind, and spirit connection and discover a well of resources we didn’t even know we had! We learn to transition with grace and ease, or at least a little less anxiety.  


If we didn't know before, we certainly know now, that change is inevitable, consistency is hard, and the balance between the two can feel out of reach. Anodea Judith, author of the groundbreaking and highly regarded books about the chakra system, Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind, puts it beautifully this way:


'"The universe exists only through a constant dance of consistency and change. Through consistency, consciousness finds meaning; through change it finds stimulation and expansion. To find consistency within change is to embrace the unfolding flow.”


So to get us going into the New Year and embracing the "unfolding flow", I'm offering a FREE online workshop called


New Year Reboot: Chakra Yoga for Letting Go and Moving Forward.


And registration is now OPEN!! You have three sessions to choose from. All will be live on Zoom and cover the same material. The workshop will be an opportunity to:

👉  Pause, reflect, and acknowledge the shifting sands beneath our feet, both past and present.

👉Practice asana to anchor in your body, shore up your strength, and tap into your courage to move forward.

👉 Learn postures, breath, mantra, and meditation to facilitate releasing, surrendering, and letting go.

👉Learn about the chakra system and how it's the perfect model for resetting your life the way you want it to be! 


For more information, just check out the registration page and ping me with any questions you may have!  You can choose from

  • Saturday, January 8, 10am-12pm CST.
  • Monday, January 10, 9am-11am, CST
  • Wednesday, January 12, 6pm-8pm, CST.


You'll hear from me again before then, and ongoing Hatha classes are still happening this week as we finish out a constantly changing 2021.  Sign up today and get your yoga on your 2022 calendar!


REGISTER for the FREE workshop session of your choice at www.jessgoulding.com/reboot.


May you have a safe and happy New Year!  I'll see you on the mat.


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