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Rituals to Release the Things That Haunt You

I’ve been thinking a lot about things that haunt--not just tech goblins or spooky ghosts, but haunts from the past.  Old experiences, relationships, and patterns that appear from time to time to hijack our present happiness. 


Last week I met a dear friend for a walk in our local park. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful week for me.  I’m a big fan of October--the flowers are jewel-toned, the weather cools down, it’s my birthday... ;)


But for my friend, it’s full of anxiety.  She shared with me that deep in her bones there is a fear. This fear comes from a traumatic memory of last Halloween--an event that had her on the edge for months afterward.  Although she and her family are now on the other side of it, the anticipation of the one-year anniversary was causing great suffering. She wanted to skip the whole holiday.  They all wanted to avoid it. I totally got that.  


But after chatting a bit, we were thinking that avoiding the holiday might not be the way to go.  This day will show up on the calendar for years to come, and perhaps facing it would help release it.  I suggested she try a ritual.  And with Halloween being the day, the witchier the better. And this Halloween is not just a full moon, but a blue full moon, so it's an even rarer and more auspicious time to sweep out your skeletons and evict your ghosts.


Here are three ways I like to create a ritual of release:


1) Light them up and watch them burn: Gather together any small objects, pieces of paper, or photographs that remind you of the haunt you want to release. Get into a quiet space, preferably outdoors, and center yourself to quiet your mind. Then hold each object, one by one.  Look at it, and let the feelings emerge. Then when it feels like it’s time, and I believe you’ll know, light the object on fire and place it in the bowl.  Watch as it slowly disappears to ashes, the smoke billowing towards the sky like a prayer.



2) Write it out and let it flow:  The energy of the heart is connected to the hands, so one of the best ways to move the ghost of grief or sadness out of your heart is to write it down. Let your eyes see your physical hand moving across paper spelling out the story of your loss. Write until you run out of words. See if any spontaneous stories arise that you hadn't expected, and write those down too. Then you can decide what you want to do with it. You might like to put it in a special drawer, or burn it, or roll it up with a rose and bury it. Tune in to your inner voice--you'll know what to do.



3) Howl at the moon--or at least Om: Chanting and sound is a great tool of purification, and can be used to release patterns and haunts as well.  For example, if you have a pattern that says there isn’t enough--maybe food, money, love, approval, anything!--then you can use your voice to chant in a new way of being.  Sing Om as you hold your intention in your mind and in your heart. Remember your abundance and awaken the knowledge that you have everything you need, or everything you need will come to you in its time. (I talk you through this meditation on abundance on this week's PODCAST.)


My online classes this week will touch on this topic, and even if you're not currently enrolled as a member, you have two chances to join up for FREE this week!



Whatever you do decide to do for Halloween this year, I do hope you think about what you can release from the past to move into a brighter future. And if there are other ways you like to get rid of the skeletons in YOUR closet, I’d love to hear it! Comment below and share your story.  Or send me an email.  Maybe that can even be part of the process! 


May you see the moon on Halloween night and release what haunts you, mind, body, and spirit.


Much love,


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