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Thank You, You May Go

Do you ever consider your fear, guilt, or shame as something to be thankful for? It's a weird question, I know, but sometimes I like to flip normal thinking and behavior on its head and consider those things in ourselves that we'd rather resist as, well, gifts.


Whenever I work with people one-on-one with their frustrating blocks, patterns, and shadows (like fear, guilt, and shame), I always encourage a gratitude practice.  After all, this impediment, or way of being, somehow helped and protected them to get to this point. Their system believed it was necessary for survival or success. In some way, I’m sure it was. But has outlasted its expiration date–it’s time for them to let it go because it has become more of a hindrance than a help. 


I like to think of unhelpful patterns and habits as dutiful soldiers. They are showing up to fight the good fight and protect you in a way that has worked in the past. But once you see the pattern, the war is over, and it's time to decommission and dismiss these soldiers. We can recognize them, thank them for their service, explain that the war is over, and let them go. Release them to the past.


It can look a little something like this:


Thank you, fear, for keeping me out of harm. You may go.


Thank you, guilt, for protecting me from repeating past mistakes. You may go.


Thank you, shame, for helping me understand how to be in society. You may go.


Thank you grief, for holding my heart so I could feel the loss. You may go.


And so on…


Every chakra has a shadow side like this, and they get in the way of the natural flow of energy in your system, leading to imbalance and unhappiness. I talk about this in this week's podcast episode, "What blocks a chakra?"


Lots of things block your chakras, including physical or emotional trauma, negative thought patterns, injury, illness, and lifestyle choices. Once you recognize your blocks, you can move it through and break free to more joyful living!


If you're interested in this kind of work and self study, like releasing negative patterns or blocks in your life, I recommend you do a little self assessment and start a short daily practice with my Chakra Check-In Self Assessment. You can start making small changes that lead to big results right away!


You can also schedule a 20-minute Discovery Call and see if meeting one-to-one would be helpful for you.



May you flow freely within and with your surroundings, may you be unburdened by blocks and habits, and may you enjoy the journey of self discovery, one pattern at a time.


Much love

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