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Freedom from "The Voice"

So, I did a thing. Not a thing I usually do, but I did it. I wrote a poem.

I feel like I should put quotes around the word poem because it doesn't rhyme, it doesn't have a structure, and it doesn't really have much of a rhythm. But it's not prose, and it came in creatively, so I'm calling it a poem.

It also expressed for me something that needed expressing. You see, while I was on my recent retreat to Chacala, Mexico with Dr. Deb Kern, I had a chance to focus on expelling some mental goblins. It's  the negative self-talk voice in my head. (Perhaps you're familiar?) This is the voice that can keep me on the sidelines, knock me down a peg or two, and convince me that me being fully me would have some dire consequences. Like, I won't be liked.

Womp, womp.

This voice doesn't have much to say when I'm home and with people I'm comfortable with.  But travel and strangers bring in the voice like my own personal doomsayer. So even getting to the retreat was a chance to start the purification.

I tell the full story, and offer my three pieces of advice for expelling "the voice," on this week's Jess on the Mountain podcast episode #15, Chakra 5 and "The Voice."

So I invite you into my newfound mantra of freedom from this inner critic, with the poem



“You can be here.

You can be near me.

But you can’t be me.”


Then my heart broke for her.

I'm so sorry! I cried. 

I see you in your dark brokenness

And I love you.

I release you to the angels.


She is my Black Swan

Flying into the clouds.

Free at last.

No longer acting as my shadow.

She is her own beautiful creature

No longer shackled to me

Providing a shadowboxing dance partner.


The drama has ended.


I never said I was going for the Pulitzer!  But hopefully something in that is helpful to you. We know that what resists persists, so when I made friends with "the voice" and allowed her to sit outside of me, she was much easier to convince to leave.


She can be near me, but she can't be me.


I think finding out the thing that holds us back, which is usually an imbalance or falsehood in ourselves (like "the voice"), is the primary ingredient to living our best life and fulfilling our unique purpose.  In fact, it has prompted me to create the online workshop I'm offering in June to kickoff this year's Chakra Savvy: Reset Your Life Game Plan! It's FREE and open to EVERYONE, and I hope you join me for



This 90 minute yoga and journaling online workshop will help you settle your mind, access your heart, and recognize where your true purpose lies.  

Choose the workshop time that you can show up live and get the most out of this chakra yoga practice and journaling session:


Tuesday, June 6 @7pm, CST

Wednesday, June 7 @9am, CST

Saturday, June 10 @10am CST.


Also included is a FREE one week trial of Chakra Savvy starting June 11, so mark your calendar and start your summer tapping into your inner guru and aligning with your wisest self. You know I believe the chakras are the most accurate and accessible system for self inquiry, assessment, improvement, and transformation.


It's always my dream to bring the rich teachings of the chakras to YOU in a way that you can actually use and benefit from.  This workshop will get you started or take you deeper! 


Sign up today at www.jessgoulding.com/purposeYou are so worth this.

May you dispel your voice of doubt, opening the door to a life of freedom and harmony. 


Much love

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