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On Eclipses and Elections

Today is so full, is it not? Not only are we starting off with a big, beautiful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, but it’s Election Day as well! This is finishing up our current “eclipse season,” which included last month’s partial solar eclipse on October 25. You can think back over these last few weeks and take note of things that have left your life, or cycled off, and what new ideas or projects have started to take shape. Once we’re on the other side of today, things that left will stay gone and things that arrived or continue will remain.  It’ll be new.  For better or worse.


But to have a national election on such a day! Well, shiver me timbers, ya’ll! Can’t you just feel the importance? We are the fortunate ones, living here and now, who are shaping the future with our little checked boxes and I VOTED stickers.  I feel so many things about these times we’re living in, and mostly it’s awe. 


To be alive during the creation and implementation of a whole new technology that is completely upsetting the status quo is remarkable.  Over history, most people have lived their whole lives in a way that is similar to their parents and their parents’ parents. And like previous advances in technology, like the printing press or TV, we are just about losing our minds over the internet.  Seriously, how could we have expected our species to just weave this into our lives like it’s no big deal?  It’s not possible that our nervous systems were ready to see the whole world in the click of a mouse or the stroke of a key. 


So let’s take a collective breath for just a moment and consider that we might be doing the best that can be expected! It’s not just our country–it’s just about every country–who’s divided about things, scared, angry, and a little unsure about what our future might look like. (I mean seriously–Metaverse??)  


And here’s the thing: you don’t need to worry about anyone’s response but your own.  


I’ll say that again: You don’t need to worry about anyone’s response but your own.


Why not? Because you can’t do anything about it.  You hold to your truth.  You be the light, the change, the elder you are called to be.  You barely have control over your own little universe. Why mess with someone else’s?  When thinking about the grand scheme of things, I find solace in William Shakespeare:


“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;”

(from As You Like It, spoken by Jaques)

Though I prefer the paraphrase “...and each must play his part.” 

And to paraphrase the Bhagavad Gita’s wisdom,

“It is better to do your duty poorly than another man’s duty perfectly.” 


So on this election day with the Full Lunar Eclipse, living in a time of massive change and upheaval, do your duty! And release the fruits.  Go vote! And then enjoy your evening.  If your person wins, fantastic! If not–they will play the role they are here to play, as will you.  Take the 30,000 foot view with me!  Don’t freak out, but do participate. Do make the difference you’re here to make.  We have power and we are meant to use it for good. So know what that is for you, and do it! Vote for it! Contribute to it! I will be cheering you on!!


It's thoughts like these that shape the offerings I have for us to step on our mats together. Return to Your Light, vote and then REPOSE, start every week with in-person yoga, or grab 20 minutes and settle your mind, body, and spirit. These are just a few of the ways you can practice tuning into YOUR unique gifts and wisdom so that with every vote cast, every dollar spent, every conversation had, you are shaping a beautiful future for everyone. We all need you doing your best duty.


May you accept the changes of the day, and participate in what's next with courage and joy. 


Much love,

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