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10 Great Reasons for Daily Yoga

Can you believe we're already in the last week of October?  And we all know what that means--once the ghosts are returned to their graves and the candy is secretly stashed away, we are racing towards full-on holiday mode!  This might make you grin, or it might make you shiver.  Either way, I know one thing that helps is yoga.


When you have a daily practice of yoga, several things begin to happen:

1️⃣  Stuff bothers you less.

2️⃣ You have fewer aches and pains.

3️⃣ Your relationships improve.

4️⃣ You feel stronger.

5️⃣ You become more flexible--literally and figuratively.

6️⃣ You experience an increase in self-confidence for showing up for yourself on the daily.

7️⃣ You become more aware of your internal state of temper and emotions.

8️⃣ You walk through the world more mindfully. You are present! 

9️⃣ Joy starts to sneak into the mundane moments of your day.

🔟 Your mat begins to call to you like a dear friend--practice becomes habit and you feel the effects multiply!


So, while I'm away in Guatemala scoping out our space and going LIVE in our Jess G Yoga Facebook Group from October 30-November 6, you have a unique opportunity to put my little list to the test.  That's right! It's time for another challenge!!!


Chakra Savvy Seven Daily Yoga Challenge!

🦶 Step one:  Register for Chakra Savvy 7 for FREE

🦶 Step two: Starting October 30, practice one chakra per day for seven days.

🦶 Step three: Leave a comment every time you take a class.

🦶 Step four: Everyone who leaves a comment every day gets entered to win one Custom Yoga Therapy Practice, designed by yours truly, to help you get personal with your yoga goals! 


Let's say the challenge ain't your jam? No problem!  You get to keep these classes for the rest of the year, so no yoga pressure before the holidays.  Does it count if you just do the opening breath and centering work, and maybe a little movement?  Absolutely.  Leave a comment and you're in the race.


It's going to be a flurry of yoga activity to set you up just right as we head into the holiday season.  'Tis the season of fun and food, but it's also the season of falling off the yoga mat.  My goal is to help you stay strong and sane, one down dog at a time! 


May you recognize the boon yoga is in your life, and make your practice a priority.


Much love.

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