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Presence and Delight

Bask in the sweetness of life.

Delight in life’s simple pleasures.

Take time to enjoy the good stuff.  


How do you respond to these statements?  Do you think, “Who’s got the time for that?” Or perhaps, “The guilt would kill me.”  “That stuff is for other people.” Or “The last time I basked I hurt my back.”   Maybe you’re even asking, “WHAT good stuff?” 


We’re going to get into this.  So right now, go get something sweet.  Maybe some leftover Valentine's chocolate or a Girl Scout Cookie. Or maybe something savory, like a tasty olive.  Whatever is in your kitchen (or hidden in your hideaway place) that is a delicious treat for you.  Then I’ll meet you back here…


Got something?  Good.  Let’s meditate:

  • Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.  Anchor your mind on your breath and body in the present moment.


  • Place your tasty morsel in your mouth and slowly chew.  Feel the texture.  Delight in the flavor.  Be all in for the experience of this moment.  


  • Notice how you feel. Notice the feeling not just in your mouth, but your whole body.  Notice what happens when you delight in this sweet or savory treat.   


  • Now meditate on the feeling. Let the object, the tasty morsel, fade away from your mind as you sit, fully focused on the feeling of delight.  


Stay as long as you like. 


Delight, pleasure, sweetness of life.  These can sometimes be hard concepts to grasp or experiences to have. We get distracted by to-do lists and stressed with appointments.  But as your friendly neighborhood yoga teacher, I’m here to offer an alternative: presence and delight.  It’s a muscle you can strengthen.  It’s a mindset you can take on as a way of life.  It is, as our Italian friends have taught us, la dolce vita.


But it’s not just the stuff of movies.  It’s available to you anytime.  Just remember a moment (like your tasty morsel), recall the feeling, and feel the glow of pleasure light you up in the present moment.  


May you practice presence to delight, and may you find yourself living the sweet life.  

Much love,




You can practice PRESENCE with me at Walking With Divine Feminine: A Yoga and Labyrinth Experience on March 5, April 9, and June 4, 2022.

You can DELIGHT in replenishment for a full week at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala with me May 7-14, 2022.  Only a couple rooms left! 

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