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Delight in Letting Go

Happy Equinox and first day of Spring! Is it just me, or did this come up quickly this year? I am enjoying the longer days and Varsity Baseball games that end with the sun still up.


In fact, I had the first whispers of Spring Fever today, which has me DOUBLY excited for my Springtime retreat next month! There's still some great accommodations available for you, so if Spring Fever is hitting you and you want to pause and soak it all in, come join me April 12-14 in Marble Falls. According to the Farmer's Almanac, the weather will be fantastic! www.jessgoulding.com/blossom


This season, this year, for me is so much about letting go. And although the process can be tough, the results are quite delightful. In this week's podcast episode 35, Delight in Letting Go, we continue with our seasonal theme of delight, and this one is spot on, as it's the Chakra Two episode. 


We hold so much within us, and letting go is a practice that leads to openness, freedom and space for delight. In this episode, I explore a few types of attachments, or ragas, that keep us from experiencing ease and flow:


  1. Attachment to ideas about what is perfect or ideal. Learn to let go and find delight in the just right for right now; that Perspective Training skill!
  2. Attachment to My Way in different contexts and how letting go allows us to delight in seeing something bloom and grow as we loosen our grip.
  3. Attachment as Heart Walls that prevent vulnerability and keep us hidden behind an identity, and breaking down those walls so we can fully delight in our life and relationships.


I also talk about where you might experience physical symptoms in your body that are clues to what needs to be released.


Just as the seasons show us, change is a constant. Finding delight in letting go of what does not serve us is a freeing practice! Give a listen, and let me know what you think.


What was tough for you to release, but, once you did, made life more delightful in the end?


May your inner guru help you see what needs letting go, may you do the work to release it, and may that lead to a life of delight and ease, as you walk up and around this mountain we call life.


Much love,


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