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Deep Dive or Quick Hit?

We have arrived in November! And we’re ready to enter the month of gratitude.  In Online Yoga Membership we will start a journey through the chakras, giving gratitude for each aspect of ourselves as laid out by the energetic centers within us.  Enjoy this yourself by thanking your body, emotions, will, heart, voice, intuition, and spirit! You can go in order, or consider where you don’t feel very in touch or a little out of balance and start there. (If you’re not sure, simply start with this Chakra Check-In Self Assessment.)


What I like about spending a whole month on one topic is that it has a chance to really sink in and change us.  Gratitude is one of the best examples of this.  Daily gratitude is a free and easy antidote to habitual negative thinking, insecurity, sadness, and anxiety.  And it’s a practice. Pushing back against a culture that entices you to want more and fuels your desire for a life beyond your reach can be hard.  Thinking of three things everyday that you are grateful for has the power to shift your mind into seeing abundance and feeling the bliss.  It can be that easy. 


Daily gratitude is like daily yoga.  When done consistently, over a long period of time, without interruption, it will change your brain, your relationships, and your whole outlook on life. You will begin to experience union in surprising places and myriad ways. (This is not just me–these are ancient teachings from the Yoga Sutras!) 


However, don’t think a drop-in yoga class or a moment of gratitude is useless!  It certainly isn’t.  At the end of every class, or after a still moment of true thankfulness, you are different.  Your frequency has changed. You have shifted your perspective (and so your reality) and opened the channels of your body and mind to greet the rest of that day with more happiness and contentment.  


I’d say that’s worth it! 


So as a little Thanksgiving gift to you, dear reader, for whom I am exceedingly grateful, I uploaded a new full yoga class on my YouTube channel all about Anjali mudra.  This mudra, or hand gesture, is the simple palms together gesture we often think of when we say thank you to someone (or send a thanks emoji!) You can practice once and feel the effects, or work with this mudra all month and let its full energy soak in.  


And speaking of soaking...how about soaking in sound, community, nature, yoga, and light?  We will harness the healing of all these elements and practices at my upcoming retreat, Return to Your Light.  This is no quick-fix.  This day is a luxurious gift of self-love and reflection that will downshift your nervous system to peace and calm, preparing the way for a lovely and meaningful end to your year.  It's happening December 2, and early bird pricing ends tomorrow, so sign up and get ready to rejuvenate! 


May you enjoy the happiness of a thankful heart, and may your yoga fill you with peace and love.


Much love,


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