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Letting Go of the Plan

I hope you're feeling well today. I just returned from a delightful weekend in Mexico City with Nick and the kids. We had mostly beautiful weather, and we immensely enjoyed the food, the architecture, and the people we met and saw.


Not all vacations are delightful, as I'm sure you know. Beyond the things out of our control, I think a lot depends on our attitude. To each his/her own, but I like trips with lots of space for nothing. For example, we had lots of plans to see different sites and get to all the museums you're "supposed" to see there. But when Sunday morning presented us with a beautiful day where everyone took to the streets and the parks (MANY on roller blades--what a sight!), we decided to slow ourselves down a bit as well and just enjoy the city like those who live there. We watched groups rehearsing for a TikTok (we think), young couples practicing for their first dance, toddlers chasing soccer balls, and percussionists providing a background beat to the whole scene.

We would have missed it all if we had stuck with our plan.

This is my food for thought right now:

What plans am I making that I'm so attached to that I might be missing something absolutely and gloriously delightful? What if I relax my grip on my agenda and see what emerges from the simplicity and beauty of relaxed expectations?

Do you have a story like this?


I'm thinking about delighting in life a lot these days as I'm recording episodes of Jess on the Mountain again. In Season 3, we're exploring chakra 2 and the theme of DELIGHT as we move up the liberating current of the chakras from root to crown.

In this week's episode you’ll hear what I’ve been up to during “Acorn Time” and some of the ways you can experience DELIGHT by taking more time to savor, more time to celebrate and less time to worry.

I tell a little about what is inspiring me and is swimming around and coming together in the creative bowl of chakra 2.

And lastly, we peek into something I call “perspective training” that I’ll talk more about all season long. I think it’s an important skill we can all use in this “world on fire.”

I’m glad to be back with you for another season of this journey on the mountain! And remember, Blossom & Bliss Women's Yoga Retreat is a fantastic chance to relax life's grip on YOU so you can delight in nature, community, yoga, and rest.

May you delight in your life, whether full or spacious, and may you loosen the grip on your agenda and let the Universe take you where you didn't know you wanted to go.

Much love, 


PHOTO: Ballet Folklorico at the Palacio de Bellas Artes wasn't even on our original agenda--and it was one of the most spectacular shows I've ever enjoyed! 

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