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The Power of a Stable Root Chakra

Do you ever stop to consider the sources of support in your life, and ways you are a cornerstone for others? It’s a question that presented itself in my meditation yesterday morning, so it became the theme for class in OYM


Support is the main quality of Chakra One, Muladhara, located at the base of your spine. It means “root support,” and is where we consider all the things in our lives that are foundational to our safety, security, and stability. Relationally, we are supported by family, friends, healthcare providers, teachers, communities, and other experts we hire to help us in business and life. You are also a source of support for others in myriad ways like these. 


The yantra, or drawing, of Muladhara, has within it a square, representing a stable base or foundation. You can use this as an image for grounding and meditation, whether seated, standing, or reclining. The color associated with Muladhara is red, so when you visualize the square, color it red! Put this together with boxed breathing, and you will find yourself settling into a deeper calm in no time:


  • Call to mind the shape of a red square beneath you. 
  • Imagine this square connects you directly to the earth as you deepen and elongate your breath.
  • In your mind’s eye, travel along each side of the square to a slow count of four:
    • Inhale 4
    • Suspend the breath in for 4
    • Exhale for 4
    • Suspend the breath out for 4. 
  • Once you feel settled and your mind is more present, call to mind all the people and communities that support you in your life. 
  • Notice how you feel. 
  • When that feels complete, inhale thinking “thank,” and exhale thinking “you.”

Hopefully this feeling of support will carry with you into your day. The more you do this, the more you will have access to this feeling, which can reduce anxiety, loneliness, sadness, and exhaustion, and can help you feel more empowered, grateful, and strong. 


That’s the power of a stable root chakra! 


This week’s podcast episode is all about Muladhara and the chakra two sense of delight. Your connection to your body, the food you eat, and the routines you keep can all be supportive to you in living a happier and more harmonious life. Learn my favorite tools in  Episode 32  Delight in Food, Body, and Schedule, available on my podcast page, Spotify, Apple, and Amazon. 


And don’t forget, to delight in life sometimes means taking some time away from your normal routines, vacating for self renewal, and returning with your mind at ease and your soul filled from such loving support. Blossom & Bliss Women’s Retreat for Springtime Renewal will do just that. Adults need Spring Break too! This is your chance. April 12-14 in Marble Falls, Texas. Accommodations available for individuals, pairs, or groups. Register with a friend and save $100! 


May you remember the ways you are supported, may you feel stronger with that support, and may you take it with you everywhere you go.


Much love

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