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Get Out of Your Own Way

Have you ever had one of those days that started out as one thing, then ended up taking you in a very surprising, and exciting, direction? I certainly did this week!

I was digging into my plans for the Blossom & Bliss women's retreat, and I realized that we have a campfire! And what goes with a campfire, but songs? So I started to make a list of songs I know that might be good contenders for our group...and then I realized: I can't sing, and I've never led songs before. Bummer.

BUT I REALLY want to have a sing-along. There are so many great benefits to communal singing, like 

~ reduced stress hormones.

~ increased cytokines, proteins that can boost the body’s ability to fight serious illness.

~ lessened anxiety.

~ stimulated memory.

~ increased lung capacity.

 See The Washington Post article

and more! Singing stimulates Chakra Five, which houses our ability to communicate our truth and be a good listener. Creating sound through buzzing, humming, singing, and chanting, also tones the vagus nerve, which controls our response to stress, our digestion, respiration, and circulation, among other things. And when we sing in a group, we promote social bonding, improve confidence, and enjoy a sense of community. This sounds delightful!


So, I had a problem. I don't sing, but I want to have singing happen. Sure, I could force it or fake it, but who wants that? Then I remembered the face of an amazing woman who I seem to keep running into, and I heard her lead a birthday song...Hmmm...

So I emailed. And she got right back to me. With a playlist. And ideas. And the enthusiasm is BEYOND! So this little campfire experiment has grown from a few rounds of "This Little Light of Mine" to a full-fledged, we're doing this, hold on to your hats, Bliss Out Sing-Along! 


Because the Universe put all the synchronicities in place, and once I got out of the driver's seat and into the Flow, the whole thing just happened! As if it were already happening. 

And that's when you know you're out of the way and Life is creating through you. Yes, there are times we must push and put in power and effort. This was a time that came together by sitting back and noticing the bread crumbs.  


I invite you to think with me today:

~  Are there some breadcrumbs out there for you that the Universe wants you to notice?

~ Is there an area of your life you're pushing and it's not working?

~ Are you trying to make something happen that's not entirely yours to do, but phoning a friend or a pro would get things moving?


Just some food for thought for you today :) 


May you sing your heart out, alone and with others, and may you get out of the way when the Universe has bigger plans.


Much love

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