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Yoga for the Season of Cupid

January is in the can, February is off and running! This month makes me think of chilly weather, my lifelong friend Kelly (happy birthday!), and other people’s Valentine’s Day.  You see, when you own a restaurant, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest and busiest days of the year.  It also means never celebrating Valentine’s Day ON the day!  So to me, February feels more like Valentine’s season.  A season of celebrating love and relationships of all kinds.  It might even be celebrating your relationship with your favorite football team (go Chiefs!). 



What better way to have fun and celebrate the season of cupid than with partner yoga? We sold out last year, had a great time, and can’t wait to do it again. It’s this Sunday, February 12, from 2-4, so plenty of time before Super Bowl kickoff.  This is an annual event for friends, partners, and spouses to have some time for connection, release,...

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5 Great Reasons to Do Partner Yoga

I'm so excited to get back in the yoga studio for the first time since my brief series last summer.  I'm going to teach LIVE bodies in REAL time, IN PERSON!  And I'm super psyched it will be an opportunity for some yummy fun partner yoga. 


Here's what's great about having a teammate on the mat:


1.  CONNECTION. Yoga is usually a solitary endeavor, even if you are surrounded by people. This is an opportunity for touch that so many of us are starving for these days.  Human touch is integral to health and happiness.  I consider touch the antidote to loneliness and the avenue to joy.  And we know it works in measurable ways! "Touch strengthens your immune system, improves sleep, reduces stress, and ramps up the body’s production of its natural painkillers." -- Shape.com 



2.  RELEASE.  We carry around so much.  We have burdens on our shoulders, tension in our jaw, our...

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